The search for greater meaning in our lives is universal – shared by countless seekers and travelers for as long back as we collectively remember. And no matter what path we walk, or what tradition we follow, one thing remains the same – all that we are really searching for in life, likely exists already within the human heart. Here are 10 quotes from spiritual teachers, philosophers, poets, and even one scientist, on where we need to look to discover the true location of peace, wisdom, Zen, and the resting place of the divine.

Seeking Truth:

“Your teacher will introduce your true teacher to you – the one that lies within your own consciousness.” – Swami Rama, Hinduism

“People can sit still on a cushion for many years without ever finding ultimate Truth. If you are looking for the supreme Tao, look inside yourself – because it has always been there.” – Lu Tung-Pin, Taoism

“The center of divine knowledge exists within every human being. When one finds that center, one naturally becomes a poet without ever having studied the art of poetry.” – Swami Muktanada, Hinduism

Going Within:

“You can travel to the four corners of the earth, but you will not find anything anywhere. Whatever is there, is already here.” – Sri Ramakrishna, Hinduism

“Direct your eye inward, and you’ll find a thousand regions of your mind yet undiscovered.” – Henry David Thoreau, Poet

Inner Nature:

“If you wish to find what you are looking for, remove that which hides your heart.” – Kabir, Sufism

“If you wish to obtain true knowledge, then grasp the oneness that dwells within yourself. The cleansed mirror waits within – waiting for you.” – Hadewijch, Catholicism

“If you want the treasure, don’t look for it outside of yourself. You already carry it within, so why not use it without restraint?” – Ma-Tsu Tao I, Buddhism

Discovering Wisdom:

“To find a Buddha, all you have to do is see your own nature.” – Bodhidharma, Zen Buddhism

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein, Scientist

Closing Reflection:

To quote another poet (Shakespeare) – to thine own self be true. Teachers can show us the doors, but ultimately we are the ones who must walk through them. Our searching, and our discoveries, must be driven by the desire for individual understanding, or else our search is really someone else’s.