Many people are on an active path toward enlightenment. They see it as part of their life’s goal and are constantly looking for ways to find their own answers. Other people don’t see it as their path, but something in their life feels different. For those people, their minds and bodies have already taken steps to find enlightenment, even though the person is not conscious of it. Here are five of the signs that a person has started down that road to discover who or what they really are.

They Desire an Understanding of Their Past

The body is aware only of where it is right now. When it begins to look at its past to understand how it got to the present, it’s looking for a better comprehension of those forces that brought it here. More specifically, it looks at the past without judgement, as if all events were neutral. But each experience molded the person into what they are now. Which is something each person shares with every other person.

They Seek What Experiences Will Mold Them Further

With the understanding of how experiences mold a person, they will have the desire to find experiences that will move them into a future that they truly desire. Whether or not they encounter and accept the concept of intention and manifestation, the person will be focused on what they can do to move them forward into their ideal life.

They Surround Themselves With Positive People and Energy

The person craves being in the kind of positive environment that creates the incubator for their own growth. This will affect relationships, work environments and social activities. This person connects only with all things positive because of the next characteristic.

They Become Positive About All Things

The person on this unconscious path to enlightenment will now send out positive energy from themselves to all around them. They can come across as seeing the “silver lining” in anything. But what they are truly seeing is the ability to manifest only positive experiences that keep them on their path.

They See Endless Possibilities

Perhaps the most pronounced trait is to see all of the possibilities in any situation. They are no longer limited to what the human mind can consider. Nothing is too extreme for them to include as a possibility. They know that when they are open to anything, magic happens. Only then will those experiences manifest what one thought impossible before. With this understanding, the person now knows that they are the masters and creators of their own destiny. Unconsciously, this person is on their path to a life for the highest good.

Subconscious enlightenment is the result of the mind and body seeking out the truths that it knows are already there. It is the way that a person who is restless with their own existence will find the answers to their true nature.