We spend vast amounts of time building our bodies and training our minds in the name of health and wellness. So why not invest the same energy into the spiritual part of our wellbeing? Here are a few simple yet powerful approaches to spiritual wellness:

1. Meditation

Meditation affects the deepest part of ourselves, allowing us to work towards happiness and peace in our lives. Even a few minutes of meditation a day can help you view yourself as a spiritual being, not just a physical body.

2. Movement

Activities like yoga and tai chi can be practiced individually and will help you remember your first physical forms, before language and social expectations. Simple movements connect you to basic elements of your human identity.

3. Engagement

Become part of a supportive, optimistic group of people who will help you see the goodness in the world.

4. Compassion

Practice love daily to friends and strangers alike. Compassion frees us from fear and uncertainty, showing us that there are deeper human connections than are visible to the eye.

5. Explore

Stand beside the ocean and feel small. Watch the stars at night and try to count the trees in the forest. Get outside and breathe in the air, realizing that you are part of a greater system.

Remember that wellness is a sum total greater than the value of its individual parts. Make time every day to develop your spiritual side, your physical side, your emotional side, your social side, and the many other facets of your being.