Buddha Groove’s Guru Series brings insight from experts across the fields of mindfulness, natural wellness, yoga, and meditation. Below we have wisdom from professional intuitive, and a spiritual author, Tanya Carroll Richardson.
Your soul has many archetypes in its soul DNA, and some may present stronger than others. Perhaps people have always called you a “free spirit,” or your healer or teacher archetype has actually become your full-time job. While you might be born naturally very strong in a certain archetype, others can be called in and cultivated. If you’re having trouble asserting yourself in life or currently facing an intimidating challenge, you might want to get to know your inner warrior—it is one of your greatest allies. Here are 5 simple yet powerful steps for doing just that:

1. Create a mental image of your inner warrior.

What comes to mind when you think of the word warrior? Maybe a Native American warrior riding bareback into battle hundreds of years ago to defend his land, or an ancient Viking shield maiden landing on the beaches of a foreign country. Or it might be the image of an ER nurse in the middle of an all-night shift, or an activist peacefully marching to fight for their beliefs. If a character from a movie or book calls to the warrior in you, cut out a picture of that character from the web or save the book jacket and put it up on your fridge, vision board or desk for inspiration.

2. Decide how you’d describe your inner warrior.

Perhaps words like fearless and invincible come to mind. Yet maybe the best words to describe warrior energy are resilient, courageous and proactive. Resilient is a perfect description for a cancer patient summoning warrior energy to make it through their healing journey. Courageous describes a parent summoning warrior energy to remove their children from an abusive environment. Proactive might describe a manager initiating a tough conversation with a colleague before the situation gets out of hand. Challenge yourself to find five adjectives that describe what warrior energy means to you.

3. Give your inner warrior a theme song.

Maybe your inner warrior likes a fight song, like something with a driving beat and empowering lyrics. Or perhaps your inner warrior responds best to something softer that relaxes your nervous system and makes you feel grounded for the battle ahead. When you put this song on, or even catch this song via a synchronicity when it plays in a store or on the radio, it can be a signal to more consciously connect with your inner warrior. Make a warrior playlist of 10 songs that help you activate warrior energy.

4. Get clear on what type of warrior you are.

Maybe your inner warrior has a special flavor, like ice cream can be chocolate or pistachio. Are you an action hero warrior that likes to rush in and stay busy? Maybe you’re a love warrior, meeting every challenge or opponent with mercy. Peace warriors might be excellent diplomats or negotiators. Rebel warriors question the status quo. Activist warriors are idealists who see the amazing potential to improve life and fight for that potential to become reality. Name your warrior type, feeling free to mix and match from the examples above or create your own type.

5. Practice asking yourself: What would my inner warrior do?

Before facing any challenging or stressful situation that will require inner strength and resolve, take a moment and ask yourself, “What would my inner warrior do?” How would your inner warrior, as defined by the exercises above, handle disciplining your child, tackling a tight deadline at work or facing a financial crisis? Stop, quiet your mind for a minute and connect with your intuition for specific guidance on what your inner warrior would do.
tanya carroll richardson
Tanya Carroll Richardson
Tanya Carroll Richardson is a professional intuitive, and a spiritual author. Her books includeAngel Intuition, Zen Teen, Forever in My Heart: A Grief Journal, Angel InsightsandHeaven on Earth.Find out about booking a private reading with Tanya, follow her on social media or sign up for her free newsletter at tanyarichardson.com.