Gemstone Healing and Lore
For thousands of years, gemstones have captivated with their color, radiance, and utter exquisiteness. But gemstones are more than what meets the eye. Various cultures believe that these natural treasures have unique powers. In a world where all is energy, crystals hold a special place. They absorb energy to help us clear ourselves of chaotic and uncomfortable energy. They also send energy to us to help us transform our own energy into something more useful.
Using Your Stones
You can harness gemstones’ special properties in a number of ways. Meditate with them. Carry them in your pocket. Store them in a pouch inside your purse or briefcase. Put them under your pillow when you sleep. Keep them in a small dish on your desk or next to your bed. 
Caring For Your Stones
Your stones will work best if you treat them with care and consideration. When you’re not using them, give them access to air and light. Keep them dust free. It is also good practice to clear and recharge your stones about once a month. You can do this by placing them in the moonlight overnight or in sunlight for an hour. You can also hold them under cool running water for a few minutes or bury the stones in a jar of white sand for about 24 hours.

Gemstones A to Z







Balance & Stability

Agate vibrates at a low frequency, making it a stone that is gentle, stabilizing, and strengthening. It inspires harmony and equilibrium when various aspects of your life have been thrown out of alignment.

Uses: Finding yourself out of sorts? Steered off course? Use Agate to regain balance.








Hope, Calm & Communication

Amazonite is famously known as the “Hope Stone” because it boosts inner confidence and fills you with optimism. Emanating a gentle energy that calms the soul, Amazonite inspires authenticity and a childlike honesty with others. It helps you access and articulate your innermost truths.

Uses: Harness this stone to inspire a hopeful spirit and to communicate peacefully with loved ones.








Tranquility & Spiritual Growth

One of the most coveted gemstones, Amethyst inspires tranquility and protects the aura from negative energy. It encourages spiritual growth and wisdom by helping the user tap into the divine. Because of its spiritual significance and soothing effects, it is one of the most popular stones for meditation. 

Uses: Use Amethyst to feel calm when you are stressed or anxious. 








Serenity & Courage 

A cooling stone that fills you with serenity, Aquamarine brings the soothing energies of the ocean right to your soul. It eases emotional turmoil and rids you of personal baggage. Feeling scared? Panicked? Aquamarine calms phobias and dispels fear.

Uses: Use it to nurture a sense of fortitude and quiet resilience when life feels overwhelming.









Insight, Clarity & Wisdom

A deep blue stone, Azurite sharpens the mind. It stimulates intuition and insight, opening you up to new ideas and possibilities. Azurite often contains infusions of Malachite, which is regarded as a stone of transformation. Together, they provide a new outlook on life and point you in the right direction on
your journey.

Uses: Harness Azurite to gain clarity and personal wisdom.

Black Onyx







Protection & Strength

Dark and dramatic, Black Onyx is a stone of protection and strength. It shields the user from negative energy, calms fears, and absorbs any unpleasant vibes you might encounter. It prevents your own energy supply from being drained, giving you stamina and stability.

Uses:Harness this stone during times of struggle or depression.

Black Tourmaline







Detoxification, Protection & Calm 

This dark stone is the ultimate tool against negativity. It not only protects against bad vibes, it also eliminates any negative energy that has accumulated over time. A grounding stone, Black Tourmaline is one of the best gemstones for soothing anxiety and tension.

Uses:Use it to feel calm and steady during times of chaos.

Blue Apatite







Motivation, Determination & Focus

This blue stone is a gem of inspiration and motivation. When it comes to problem-solving and achieving your goals, Blue Apatite is there to help you manifest your vision and transform your dreams into reality. It’s a stone that fosters clarity and insight, clearing away confusion to give you that “Eureka!” moment.

Uses: Use this stone to break through mental clutter and get things done.

Blue Calcite







Tranquility & Emotional Healing

Blue Calcite is one of the most relaxing stones available, inspiring calm for your mind and peace in your surroundings. It eases frayed nerves and provides relief after periods of stress. It enhances intuition and encourages peaceful communication with others.

Uses: Use Blue Calcite to relax during times of deep healing and recuperation.   

Blue Goldstone








Inner Truth & Wisdom

A stone for new beginnings, this sparkly blue gem inspires hope and wisdom with its naturally uplifting energy. It helps us accept who we are so we can express ourselves with authenticity and courage. With its copper infusions, Blue Goldstone reminds us to always find light in the darkness and to keep on pursuing our dreams.

Uses: Use Blue Goldstone to find hope and guidance for your journey. 

Blue Kyanite







Truth, Intuition & Spiritual Growth

A powerful crystal, Kyanite works closely with the Third Eye Chakra to increase your intuitive abilities and connect you to a higher spiritual realm. It provides truth and insight for difficult situations while its calming properties ready the mind for meditation.

Uses: Use Kyanite to inspire focus and clarity during meditation or personal ritual.

Blue Lace Agate







Calm, Communication & Trust

A stone to enhance trustworthiness and loyalty, Blue Lace Agate aids in the realm of communication. It encourages clear dialogue with others and helps you calmly articulate your personal truth. A gentle stone, Blue Lace Agate is highly effective at relieving tension, stress, and anxiety.

Uses: Use Blue Lace Agate to relax the mind and let your words come easily.

Blue Topaz








Peace, Creativity, Expression

Reminiscent of water and the sky, Blue Topaz is a peaceful gem that relieves tension and kindles serenity. It mitigates confusion and fear for all forms of expression, making it excellent to have on hand for difficult conversations. A gem which sparks creativity and helps with communication, it’s a must-have for writers and public speakers.

Uses: When writer’s block hits, use Blue Topaz to get through the slump.








Courage, Vitality & Willpower 

This fiery red and orange stone emanates a warm energy that sparks courage, confidence, and strength. With Carnelian, you’re an unstoppable force of vitality and passion!

Uses: Excellent for artists and performers, use this stone to bring focus to creative projects.








Harmony, Inner Peace & Trust 

Chalcedony comes in a wide variety of colors, although Blue Chalcedony is the most common. The stabilizing energies of Chalcedony harmonize mind, body, and soul. The stone emanates a cooling energy that relaxes the mind and calms the spirit. Alleviating negativity and self-doubt, it instills feelings of trust and benevolence.

Uses:Use Chalcedony to promote a sense of goodwill and peace with others.








Joy, Success & Prosperity

Emanating the warm energy of the sun, Citrine inspires joy, success, and prosperity. Those in need of a positive attitude will benefit from this stone: it releases negativity so you can embrace happiness and optimism. If you’re undertaking a new venture, Citrine is your good luck charm. It’s a stone to see your goals through and manifest wealth.

Uses: Use Citrine to attract abundance in all its forms.

Clear Quartz







Energy Amplification, Healing & Clarity

A master healing stone, Clear Quartz can be used for any and all ailments. It inspires balance and harmony for each of the seven chakras. Because Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of other stones, it’s a practical addition to any gemstone collection. Clear Quartz is also a stone of clarity, purifying the mind to illuminate your dreams.

Uses: Use it to manifest your intentions.







Abundance & Personal Growth

Also known as Pistacite, Epidote enhances anything it touches. Whatever energies you seek, put them out into the universe and Epidote will reward you in return. If you are generous, Epidote brings prosperity. If you embrace others with love, it inspires romance. Epidote also releases negativity and helps you break through limiting beliefs. If you’re stuck in a rut, this stone can lighten depressive or anxious feelings. It’s also known to improve relationships and heal a broken heart.  

Uses: Use Epidote when you’re actively looking to change for the better.








Focus, Intuition & Spiritual Peace 

Fluorite has a calming energy that grounds the spirit. It clears away foggy and cluttered thinking, making it excellent for meditation. Fluorite heightens intuitive powers and connects us to the higher spirit within us. Putting us in touch with a universal consciousness, Fluorite reminds us that we are part of something bigger.

Uses: Use Fluorite to promote a sense of spiritual peace and oneness.








Energy & Good Luck

Connected to the Root Chakra, Garnet helps you feel grounded, safe, and protected. At the same time, it boosts your life force, provides a surge of energy, and gets rid of any personal blockages you’re holding. A stone of wealth and luck, Garnet is also one of the most auspicious stones for your career and assures success in all business relations.

Uses: Use Garnet when you need to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Green Aventurine







Opportunity, Luck & Prosperity

Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest stones of all! Its positive energy manifests your deepest wishes and shifts circumstances in your favor. With Green Aventurine, you’ll feel optimistic and possess a newfound zest for life. Want to pursue new growth? This stone helps you release old habits and patterns.

Uses: Use it to attract abundance and move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Green Calcite







Tranquility & Positive Transformation

A stone of inner balance and calm, Green Calcite soothes emotional stress. Feeling a little too cerebral? Green Calcite directs your attention toward your heart and puts you in touch with its loving wisdom. A stone to spark positive change, it eliminates any behavioral patterns or beliefs that are holding you back in life.

Uses: Use Green Calcite to feel relaxed and clear-minded in your daily life.








Balance, Protection & Security

When you’re out of sorts, overwhelmed, or scattered, Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone. It connects you back to your center so you can feel safe and secure. Hematite also absorbs any and all negative energy, ridding you of any toxic buildup and protecting against the negativity of others.

Uses: Use Hematite to restore and rejuvenate the spirit when recovering from a difficult time.








Calm & Relaxation

With its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, Howlite is the stone you need to feel calm. Emitting soothing vibrations, it readies you for rest and relaxation.

Uses:Having trouble sleeping? Howlite will give you a good night’s slumber and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Use this stone when you need to de-stress and unwind.








Self-Discovery & Wisdom  

With this indigo stone, you’ll discover inner knowledge and uncover long forgotten parts of yourself. It’s a stone to make peace with your past, move beyond old wounds, and be comfortable with your true self. Offering guidance, Iolite provides you with the visions and spiritual insight that you need in order
to grow.

Uses: Use Iolite to take a journey deep within.








Luck, Abundance & Wealth

This lucky green stone attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It brings good fortune to all aspects of your life. Aligned with the Heart Chakra, Jade inspires wisdom and healing for your relationships and love life. With Jade, you’ll embrace a positive attitude and envision new possibilities for yourself.

Uses: Use Jade as your all-purpose good luck charm.








Intuition, Magic & Transformation

Associated with magic, shamanism, and mysticism, Labradorite is noted for its ability to strengthen intuition. It brings awareness to the parts of you that are often clouded by illusion, allowing you to see hidden truths and intentions. A stone of transformation and self-discovery, Labradorite opens you up to the power and magic within.

Uses:Use Labradorite to tap into a higher form of consciousness.

Lapis Lazuli







Truth, Awareness & Self-Discovery

Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty in communication and spirit as it helps you access your highest truths and the deepest parts of your soul. A peaceful stone, it promotes clear expression with others and reduces feelings of anger.

Uses:Feeling spiritually stuck? Use Lapis Lazuli to gain sacred insight.








Serenity & Emotional Balance 

To awaken the goddess within, look no further. Larimar helps you access your divine feminine energy and connects you to Mother Nature. Its gentle vibes alleviate stress and inspire serenity, making it an excellent worry stone to keep on hand. Attuned to the cooling elements of water, Larimar can be used to ease hot tempers and tame excess passions.

Uses: Harness this stone if you have problems with anger or uncontrollable emotions.








Protection, Transformation & Change

A stone of transformation, Malachite inspires growth and gets rid of any baggage holding you back. With this stone, you’ll find yourself open to change and taking risks. But never fear: Malachite also protects from negativity and promotes clear thinking, keeping you safe and composed for your journey.

Uses: Use Malachite to embark on a new path.








Harmony & Inner Peace

With a feminine energy that is gentle and healing, Moonstone inspires inner peace and emotional balance. It soothes intense overwhelm and levels out any highs and lows you experience. Aligned with the cycles of the moon, Moonstone encourages you to go with the flow and draw calm from the natural rhythm of life.

Uses: Use Moonstone to get in tune with yourself and your own personal rhythm.

Moss Agate







Abundance & Personal Growth

Associated with Mother Nature and the healing powers of the Earth, Moss Agate is a token stone for gardeners and farmers. Its nurturing vibes inspire growth and abundance. Emanating a wholesome energy, Moss Agate brings a sense of stability and balance to all aspects of your life. Just as plants grow slowly and steadily, Moss Agate helps you make gradual yet deliberate progress on your journey.

Uses: Harness this stone to bring about personal growth.








Protection & Stability

Obsidian is a grounding stone, used to restore stability when chaotic energies leave you shaky and unsteady. If you’re feeling foggy or muddled, Obsidian clears away confusion and anchors you in the physical realm. Shielding against negativity and hostility, Obsidian also makes an excellent protection stone.

Uses: Harness Obsidian as your own personal bodyguard against bad vibes.









Protection & Vitality

A unique combination of natural and manmade materials, Orgonite works with a special type of energy known as Orgone. Orgonite contains a unique mix of resin, metal, and quartz that clears negative energy from the environments and protects against excessive electromagnetic radiations. It deepens meditation and encourages restful sleep. It improves overall energy and is also said to help plants grow.

Uses: Place Orgonite in a room heavily populated with electronics to cleanse the space.  








Joy, Abundance & Vitality

Peridot brings the sunny exuberance of spring right to your heart. Just like spring offers a sense of renewal, Peridot’s warm energy inspires rejuvenation and wellbeing for the spirit. Want to feel lighthearted and happy? Peridot is what you need. It also attracts abundance in the areas of love and money.

Uses: Use Peridot to encourage joy and confidence.

Picture Jasper






Grounding, Stability, & Protection

Connected to the planet’s grounding energies, Picture Jasper fills you with wholesome vibrations for an overall sense of stability and balance. Like a doting mother, it calms anxiety to leave you feeling protected and nurtured. Boasting unique landscape patterns, Picture Jasper is said to deliver messages from the past and put you in touch with the ancient’s wisdom. Those who are eco-conscious will love this stone because it sparks a deep sense of environmental responsibility. 

Uses: Use Picture Jasper to connect with the earth and feel centered.








Luck, Willpower & Prosperity

Considered a lucky stone, Pyrite attracts abundance and wealth. It invigorates the spirit and gives you the willpower to tackle what needs to get done. Want to invite prosperity and protect against negativity? This brassy stone is the answer.

Uses: Use Pyrite when you need to banish bad habits and boost self-confidence.

Red Goldstone








Optimism, Grounding & Willpower

When the future feels hazy, when you’ve wandered off the path, when all feels lost, look no further than this sparkly gem. Red Goldstone helps us see light in the darkness and inspires the strength to move forward. Uplifting yet grounding, its energies recenter and stabilize you when you’re mentally adrift. Known as the ‘Ambition Stone’, Goldstone boosts your personal drive so you can pursue goals with determination and positivity.

Uses: Meditate with Red Goldstone when you’ve lost your way emotionally or mentally.

Red Jasper







Strength & Endurance 

With Red Jasper, you’re in it for the long haul. Red Jasper is a stone of endurance, inspiring determination for whatever task lies ahead. Though Red Jasper’s energy is strengthening, it’s also grounding and protective. It will help you feel centered and balanced during times of stress.

Uses: Harness this stone as a token of strength and stability.









Compassion, Love & Forgiveness

With a tender, nurturing energy, Rhodochrosite comforts the soul and opens your heart to fill your life with deep love. It kindles profound empathy for yourself and others, moving you to action when someone’s in need. Ideal for encouraging self-love and worth, those recovering from loss or hurt can use this stone to find emotional resolution. A stone of forgiveness, rhodochrosite helps you accept people and circumstances as they are with grace and peace.   

Uses: Use Rhodochrosite to heal from heartache and cultivate self-compassion.








Healing & Compassion

In our efforts to be kind, we often forget to be kind to ourselves. Look no further than rosy Rhodonite. Rhodonite inspires compassion and forgiveness. It’s a stone to nurture self-worth and unconditional love for others. Excellent for healing emotional wounds, it alleviates suffering from trauma, fear, anger, and self-doubt.

Uses: Use Rhodonite to get yourself through a difficult time and to bring peace to relationships.

Rose Quartz







Love, Compassion & Emotional Healing

Famously known as the “Stone of Love”, Rose Quartz strengthens relationships and opens your heart to all kinds of love: this includes romantic love, love for friends, love for the self, and love for one’s surroundings. Its gentle energy inspires compassion and forgiveness. It heals all wounds of the heart and aids with grief and loss.

Uses: Use Rose Quartz to move on from pain, attract romance, and foster caring relationships.








Spiritual Growth, Peace & Protection

Filled with a high-vibrating energy, Selenite inspires clarity and a heightened awareness of the spiritual realm. It shields against negative energy and prevents energy blockages, making it a great protection stone for the house. Selenite inspires tranquility as it rids the aura of any built-up stress.

Uses: Use Selenite to get in tune with your higher self and to bring peace to any space.

Smoky Quartz







Stability, Balance & Detoxification 

Get back on your feet with this stone’s grounding energy. When life has pushed you around, Smoky Quartz is the stone you need to regain balance and stability. It disperses negative emotions like anger, fear,
and depression.

Uses: Use Smoky Quartz to overcome adversity and find your center.

Snow Quartz








Clarity, Purity & Calm 

Get back on your feet with this stone’s grounding energy. When life has pushed you around, Smoky Quartz is the stone you need to regain balance and stability. It disperses negative emotions like anger, fear,
and depression.

Uses: Use Smoky Quartz to overcome adversity and find your center.








Truth & Self-Expression

Sodalite is the ultimate stone for self-expression. With this dreamy blue stone, you’ll not only discover your innermost truths, you’ll feel compelled to share them. A stone of self-awareness and self-acceptance, Sodalite is just what you need to trust your judgment and stand up for yourself.

Uses:Use Sodalite for a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Tiger's Eye







Strength & Motivation

With its strengthening energy, Tiger’s Eye motivates you to take initiative, pursue action, and make things happen. It’s a stone of willpower and vitality. But don’t be fooled: Tiger’s Eye is as grounding as it is energizing. Even amidst all the moving and shaking, you’ll maintain a clear and level head.

Uses: Use this banded brown stone to overcome fears and be bold.








Tranquility, Protection & Healing

Prized since ancient times, Turquoise protects against negative energy and pollutants. It emanates a life-affirming energy that heals the spirit and instills inner peace and wisdom. Its ability to relieve stress, depression, and exhaustion makes it strengthening yet calming.

Uses: Because of its protective powers, people have long worn Turquoise in amulets: use Turquoise when you need your own personal talisman.