Named after the Amazon River, Amazonite gemstone ranges from pale green to a sky blue. A type of feldspar, Amazonite’s appeal goes all the way back to ancient times. An Amazonite ring was discovered in King Tut’s tomb and it was often favored in jewelry by Pre-Columbian tribes in South America. Legend even has it that the Amazonians-a mythical tribe of female warriors-attached it to their shields as a form of protection.   

While we are certainly not ones to discourage a warrior spirit, Amazonite is now more known for its calming energy and soothing influences. With its bright azure hue, it brings to mind the lightness of a sunny day with clear skies. And that’s just what you’ll get with this lovey gem. Read on to learn how this stone can help you embrace hope, truth, and a deep sense of inner harmony.  


Amazonite has earned the nickname of the “Hope Stone” due to its ability to inspire optimism and boost inner confidence. Like a cheerful friend who always sees the best in life, it helps you keep your chin up and have a little faith. It spurs a childlike sense of playfulness and creativity, allow you to relax, be a little less rigid, and to embrace every day with a sense of positivity. Considered lucky for all your desires and dreams, Amazonite also makes a great manifestation stone: use it to channel positive energy and make your deepest intentions come to fruition. When working with Amazonite, it’s important to speak your intentions aloud, as doing will increase your ability to bring them into being. 


Resonating with the Throat Chakra, amazonite encourages authenticity, helping you live your life with integrity and honesty. It puts you in touch with your most genuine self and your deepest values, allowing you to access and articulate your innermost truths easily and without fear. This makes it great in the realms of expression and creative pursuits. It fosters healthy communication with others and helps you to see all sides of a conflict objectively, a must-have when it comes to relationships and family matters. Use it to bring clarity to conversations and to express your truth without getting overemotional.


Like calming waters of a flowing river, Amazonite emanates soothing energies to settle your spirit and inspire deep tranquility. It alleviates feelings of trauma and helps you let go of worries and fears. If you work a stressful or intense job, you can keep Amazonite on hand to ease irritation and aggravation. It channels any aggressive energy towards productive action, making it great for those with high tempers and short fuses. It’s an overall peacemaker, inspiring harmony within yourself and with others. Wear Amazonite jewelry or keep this stone hand and you’ll experience an overall sense of emotional balance and inner peace.