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Yoga Poses to Ground You

Yoga is a beneficial practice to engage in when you’re feeling ungrounded. With its emphasis on mindful breathing and balance, check out these easy-to-do and steadying yoga poses that bring you back to your center and connect you to your core.

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Labradorite: Intuition, Magic, and Change

Though often grey in color, labradorite surprises with a subtle iridescence. A close look at its surface reveals shades that can range from green to blue to yellow. Labradorite is noted for its ability to strengthen intuition. It brings awareness of that which is hidden.

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Wisdom from Cats

Whether you own one (or more) cats or just appreciate them, our feline friends just might be among the greatest teachers on the planet. Cats embody spiritual qualities and principles in a natural, effortless way. The following are six examples of wisdom from cats.

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Small Ways to Let Go

While different spiritual texts offer specific instructions on letting go, the desire to be free from painful thoughts doesn’t belong to any specific tradition. Here, we offer relatable thoughts for letting go.

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Have Rituals: Why Ceremony Benefits Us

A routine is something we do passively and indifferently, while the ritual is empowering because we actively engage with it. Engaging in rituals encourages mindfulness, increases enjoyment, decreases anxiety, build trust and helps us live with intention.

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