Clear Quartz, also known as Quartz Crystal, is one of the most common type of crystals and yet it’s also one of the more extraordinary. Clear Quartz is not always clear, but varies in color and appearance. Occurring naturally as points and used frequently in wands and other crystal healing tools, it can range anywhere from a glassy ice color to a cloudy white. But regardless of its appearance, Clear Quartz remains one of the most powerful in the crystal world and is truly the stone of all stones. Learn all about clear quartz healing abilities and its extraordinary metaphysical qualities. 


Clear Quartz is known in the gemstone world as the “Master Healer” because it can be used for any and all personal ailments. It’s a powerful manifestation tool: no matter your emotional or spiritual needs, Clear Quartz can be programmed to address and manifest just about any intention. Because it vibrates at all color frequencies, it’s attuned to the entire Chakra system: use it to focus on a specific energy center or heal all seven Chakras for overall balance and harmony. Clear Quartz also clears away any personal blockages, cleansing your soul to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.  

Energy Work 

Energy-wise, clear quartz does it all! It absorbs, stores, enhances and releases energy as well as balances and focuses its flow. It amplifies the energy of other stones, making it a great addition to any crystal collection and an excellent gem to pair with other crystal jewels. If you’re looking to rev up the properties of another stone, using it in tandem with Clear Quartz will strengthen its effects. Clear Quartz also protects your spirit from negativity and cleanses the air of electromagnetic smog: we suggest placing it in the home to maintain a clear atmosphere and keep the good vibes flowing. 

Clarity and Spiritual Growth

A stone of clarity, clear quartz cleanses your spirit of negative energy in order to illuminate your deepest wishes and desires. It’s excellent for memory and concentration: with Clear Quartz, you’re able to think and focus a little more clearly. It purifies on all levels in order to elevate your spirit to a higher level of awareness. Clear Quartz also strengthens your spiritual connections and expands your consciousness: use it get more closely attuned to your inner divine energy and get in touch with your higher self.