Sound is an important function in any spiritual practice, starting with the most ancient ones to current day. Singing, chanting and toning have all been a part of connecting with the spiritual world for groups and individuals. Sound is a recognizable form of vibration, which is why it works to put you in the space to communicate with your spiritual side. Here are some tips for using sound to elevate your vibration level and have a more complete connection with your spiritual practice.

All Sounds Affect Your Vibration Level

While singing is a popular form of spiritual expression, all sounds produce a change in your personal vibration. Try this toning exercise to experience what a simple sound will do for you.

  1. Find a quiet place in which to sit for this exercise.
  2. Take a few deep breaths as you relax into the space.
  3. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10, how high your vibration level is and take the first number that pops into your consciousness.
  4. After a few moments, when you exhale, produce a low hum as you let out your breath.
  5. Now breathe in deeply, and slowly exhale as you hum.
  6. After a few iterations, open your lips slightly and change the hum to an “ooooooo” sound.
  7. Do this a few times then open your mouth wider and say “ohhhhhhh”.
  8. Continue this for a few moments, then become silent and feel the vibrations in your body.
  9. Ask yourself what vibration level you’re at right now and get a number from 1 to 10 again.
  10. You should sense your vibrations to be a couple of numbers higher than when you started.

Why This Works

As you produced the sounds, your body’s energy reacted by changing its vibration level. By changing the pitch, tone and loudness of the sound, your body will have different energetic reactions. If you experiment with just the humming exercise, you’ll find that your body will act with annoyance at some sounds and a deep sense of peace with others.

How Sounds Bring You Closer to the Spiritual World

Many spiritual disciplines describe the spiritual world as a high vibration place, populated by high vibration entities. It takes energy for those entities to lower their vibration to connect with you. One way to facilitate the connection is to raise your vibration to meet those forces “half way”. When you include sound in your meditative practice, you are putting out the intention to connect with those entities, which encourages them to connect with you.

Tools to Try in Your Meditation

The sounds to which you meditate can be as simple or complex as you wish. There are a number of ways you can work with sound in your meditation, such as:

With any tool, you’ll find it most effective to start out low and slow and build up the sound. It is gentler on your body to ease it into the higher vibrations than to jump from a low to high vibration suddenly.