When you need to apply the most gentle energy for healing work, a crystal massager is a good choice. These come in a variety of shapes but generally have one wide smooth surface and a smooth pointed surface. The massager is moved gently on the skin during a healing massage for both superficial soreness and deep aches and pains.

Why Use Crystal Massagers?

When a person has overall body aches and pains or a particular muscle or joint is uncomfortable, the crystal massager delivers healing energy to the area without the intensity of a wand. The design of the massaging tool makes it easy to work on a person’s body by gliding it across the skin or pressing it gently into muscles and soft tissue.

How to Use Crystal Massagers

Decide which material would help the person most, such as:

  • Blue Calcite reduces joint pain and stiffness.
  • Rose Quartz releases tension in muscles and joints.
  • Labradorite increases circulation in the area.

Begin the massage by gently pushing the broad surface of the tool against the person’s skin over the affected area. Move the massager in a spiral fashion out from the painful area to heal adjoining tissues. When several inches from the area, place the massager back on the painful area and repeat. Because of the gentleness of the energy coming from a crystal massager, it can be used longer and more often to treat aches and pains.

If a person has a more concentrated area of pain and tenderness, such as a muscle spasm or stretched tendon, use the pointed end of the massager to press down into the area and focus the healing energy there. Again, the energy is delivered as a wave so the person will not experience the intensity of a focused beam such as from a crystal wand.