The goal of mindfulness is simple – to help us connect with the absolute present moment so we may live happily and healthily in the here and now. Here are some simple ways to get started:

1. Mindfulness of breath. 

Every moment, we are engaging in an act of life – breathing. By calling attention to each inhale and exhale, we remain connected to the miracle of the present – our life and existence.

2. Mindfulness of thought. 

Whenever a thought arises, we have two options – to attach ourselves to it completely, or to watch it come and go, almost as if to say “there goes another thought,” or “that was an interesting thought I just had.” When we allow thoughts to appear and disappear naturally, the result is a greater presence and peace of mind.

3. Mindfulness of action. 

Meditation and karma (along with the science of physics) teaches that every action has a resulting impact in the universe. So when we begin to notice how even the smallest things like a smile or a hug can impact someone’s day, we become much more in tune with the natural rhythm and order of life.

4. Mindfulness of environment.

Mindfulness also teaches us to perceive things and places as they really are – and not how our mind makes them out to be. Instead of viewing life as a thousand things happening at once, through mindfulness, it is possible to reflect on one thing, one person, one place at a time.