One of the concepts that is getting more momentum is the thought that we are all one. Even modern day physicists are investigating this as a real possibility. This is a difficult concept to understand, since the vast majority of people are brought up to believe that we are all separate entities. You can create a different view of your world by practicing seeing everyone around you as the Oneness. Here are some ways to experiment with this new perspective.

One Fish, Two Views

The UK physicist, David Bohm, investigated how perception creates reality. He proposed the following experiment:

  • A fish tank contains one fish swimming peaceably back and forth.
  • A video camera is pointed at the front of the tank and another at the side.
  • Two video monitors in another room display these live feeds from the fish tank.

If someone is brought into the room to look at the monitors, but isn’t told about the fish tank setup, they could easily make the following assumptions:

  • They are seeing the images of two different fish.
  • Eventually they may notice that when one fish moves, the other moves in a similar way.
  • The person may conclude that the two fish have some kind of connection that allows instantaneous communication from one fish to the other.

This is one of many ways that science is showing us how our view of the world creates our reality.

Experimenting With Your Own Perspective

What if all of the people you perceive as separate from you are just different views of the same Oneness? This is the basis of the non-duality movement. The concept is that we are merely different extensions of the Oneness energy. Try this experiment to get a sense of how this feels:

  1. Go to a shopping mall or other busy public place where you can do some people-watching.
  2. Find a place to sit and watch people passing by.
  3. As people go by you, have this thought in mind, “There goes another expression of the Oneness energy.”
  4. After a few dozen people pass, you’ll begin to sense that all people are related to a common energy.
  5. Allow yourself to begin to question the view of separation as reality.

You may need to do this exercise a few times to let go of the thought of separation as reality. It has been ingrained in us since birth. Once you are able to allow the possibility of this being true, try the next exercise.

Seeing All as the Oneness

If everyone is part of the Oneness, as are you, then we are all one. This is an even more radical thought to play with. With this perspective, you can begin seeing people in a different way.

  1. Go to your favorite spot in the mall for watching people.
  2. Take a few minutes to connect with your previous thought, “There goes another expression of the Oneness energy.”
  3. After a few minutes, switch the thought to “There I go. That person is me.”
  4. Then change the phrase to be more specific:As you have these thoughts, try to develop a feeling of connection with the person, knowing that they are the Oneness, as are you.
    • “That Asian woman carrying the small child is me.”
    • “That elderly man playing chess with his friend is me.”
    • “That infant in the stroller crying is me.”

What Will This Perspective Do For You?

People who are able to get past the belief of separation find a greater level of compassion for all people. They view people as always doing the best that they can, even when the action doesn’t immediately make sense. There is less judgment about people and more of a sense of curiosity about how this particular expression of the Oneness chose to be the way it is.