Your spiritual center is a mystical place within yourself where you achieve mental, physical and emotional peace, even if it is only for a short period of time. During yoga and meditation, you are often told to “ground and center” yourself. An instructor may describe your spiritual center as a place where you feel completely relaxed and at peace with yourself and the space around you.

Self Discovery

To truly find your spiritual center, start with a small self discovery exercise. Connect with yourself to discover a practice that grounds you. For some, it can be meditating with a simple prayer or a mantra. You may prefer a peaceful walk, while others may engage in more structured practice. Once you establish a “ritual”, focus on spiritual mindfulness.


Part of finding your center involves becoming aware of the spiritual nature that guides you. Even if you are not religious, your spirituality exists in how you connect with the people in your life. It is in how you perceive yourself within the scheme of things. It is how you relate with the world around you. In simpler terms be true to yourself and accept your place in the world.


Meditation can further enhance your journey. Embrace the quiet solitude of your spiritual nature. Much like yoga, meditation can help you reconnect with your true self. It allows you to reach a level of perfect union between the spiritual and physical realms.

Being in your spiritual center allows you to relax and rid yourself of the negative energies that causes stress and other health problems.