At Balance by Buddha Groove, we believe that a good day begins with a solid foundation and overall sense of wellbeing. Whether you’re already on track for the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year or need to center yourself after a life’s twist, here are a few small suggestions to help you get grounded.

Cleanse Your Space 

A fresh, revitalized environment inspires a clear, optimistic mindset. Clear out the old energies of yesterday by performing a purifying smudging ritual. Using a special smudging kit or palo Santo set, you can ride your space of any unwanted or negative energy to make room for new intentions and positive vibrations. 

Focus On Your Root Chakra 

Residing at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra is the energy center that rules over stability and security. Focusing and meditating on your Root Chakra builds a strong emotional core that will keep you steady throughout the upcoming year. There are many methods for balancing and strengthening this special energy center. Try essential oils specially selected to open up your Root Chakra or light a Root Chakra candle made with grounding gemstones. You can also try special asanas or meditating with mudras that align with the Root Chakra.  

Practice Grounding Yoga Poses 

Being grounded has as much to do with bodily balance as it does mental and spiritual health. Build a physical foundation for the new year through some restorative yoga. We recommend these simple asanas, which are beginner-friendly and designed to connect to your center through calm focus. 

Find a Mantra for the Month 

Just like setting  New Year’s resolutions, why not set a personal mantra any time of the year for a week, a month, or the entire year? The right mantra can help you face the oncoming days with a strong, empowered attitude. Select a simple, powerful word like “Calm” or “Fearless”. Or choose a confidence-boosting phrase, like “I Am Enough”. Wear the mantra on a piece of jewelry or hang it in your home as a piece of art. Recite it as often as you’d like, grounding yourself and drawing strength from its words throughout the year. 

Use Grounding Gemstones 

While gemstones can be harnessed for many different purposes, stones known for their grounding energies can channel strength, balance and harmonizing. We recommended stones like smoky quartzTiger’s Eyejasper, Agate and Obsidian. Wear them on jewelry to let your body absorb their powers, or place them in a space where their energies can radiate throughout the room.