Working with tools to enhance one’s spiritual abilities is not a new thing. Anthropologists have identified the remains of shamans with spiritual artifacts that date back more than 40,000 years. It was thought that these items helped to direct and boost the spiritual power with which a person connected. Today the spiritual person has access to a number of natural and man-made items with which they can harness the healing power of the Universe.

Gemstone Pyramids

The ancient Egyptians saw the pyramid shape as one which drew powerful energy from the earth and focused it up and out through the pointed apex of the shape. When you use a gemstone pyramid, you are drawing the energy up through the earth into the crystalline structure and directing it out to wherever the pyramid is pointing. Simply place the gemstone pyramid with the base on the floor and the apex pointing to the target of your work. For example: Place a labradorite pyramid on the floor under your bed for a restful night’s sleep.


Crystal Wands

Wands have been used for centuries by spiritual healers. The shape of a wand amplifies energy and directs it with laser-precision to a target. Wands are cylindrical and can be faceted so that one or both ends are pointed. When you need a concentrated burst of energy directed to an object or intention, a crystal wand is your tool of choice. The energy will be intense, so you’ll use the wand for only a short amount of time. The shape of the wand ensures that all of the energy released from it makes its way directly to the target.


Crystal Massagers

When you need to apply the most gentle energy for healing work, a crystal massager is a good choice. These come in a variety of shapes but generally have one wide smooth surface and a smooth pointed surface. The massager is moved gently on the skin during a healing massage for relief. The design of the massaging tool makes it easy to work on a person’s body by gliding it across the skin or pressing it gently into muscles and soft tissue.


Crystal Generators

This tool is named for its ability to recharge other crystals or to deliver a mixture of crystal energies to a person or situation. As an individual crystal, it can boost the power of another crystal, cleanse a crystal of negative energies or remove any blocks in a crystal preventing it from being effective. When the generator is a collection of crystals, it can be used to heal a number of conditions at once, such as balancing a person’s chakra system.