In some belief systems, the essence of reality are the beliefs that a person maintains. For those people, reality is created daily as a person evolves their beliefs. In the Western world, reality is more of a structure imposed on us. But beliefs still influence many aspects of a person’s life. Here is how your beliefs work for and against you to create your individual reality.


You may have heard the phrase that someone is “worrying themselves to death.” While not scientifically proven, it is true that a belief in something that causes a person to worry creates stress. The stress impacts that person’s immune system so it isn’t as effective as it once was. The person who constantly worries may be plagued by colds and flu that their body can’t ward off.

On the other side, there are people who “think themselves well” on a regular basis. They hold positive beliefs that cause their bodies to produce chemicals that increase the effectiveness of the immune system. This enables it to fend off disease more easily.

People who find themselves with an illness for which medication has been prescribed can create a strong belief that the drugs will be more effective. This enhances the ability of the disease to treat the disease. Consider the use of placebos which have no inherent ability but are effective anyway because the person believes that they fight disease.

The mental state and beliefs that a person has impact a person’s health in many ways.


It’s a common theme that a person puts out the intention for more abundance, usually in the form of money, but never sees results. Often at the core of the problem is the person’s belief that they don’t deserve the abundance or is unable to acquire more. A person’s belief about money is strong and requires much introspection to identify the cause and affect a reversal.

But there are also many cases where a person has amassed a fortune and attributes it to their positive beliefs about money. Sometimes the only difference between those who have abundance and those who don’t are their beliefs about money.


This might be considered an umbrella belief that impacts all areas of a person’s life. Belief in the ability to achieve a goal, such as good health or abundance, or in the pursuit of a career or relationship will determine how successful the person is. Beliefs such as “I can’t do that” or “That could never happen” sabotage a person’s attempt to create the life they really want.

Making Beliefs Work For You

When an area of life becomes particularly challenging, ask yourself:

  • What underlying beliefs do I have that are preventing me from pushing past this challenge?
  • What positive beliefs do I need to instill in me that will support my success?
  • What beliefs do I need to maintain to continue living an ideal life once I have it?

When a person takes control of their beliefs this way, they increase their chances of living a life that they truly desire.