Buddhism is practiced by an estimated 500 million people worldwide. It is unique in that a “God” figure is not worshiped. Instead, Buddha nature and the state of Enlightenment are found within – and ultimately everywhere. Buddhism is also tolerant of other religions and can be practiced alongside them.

The basic tenets of Buddhism are as follows:

1. Lead a moral life characterized by compassion, the knowledge that we are all One, and treating others as you wish to be treated.
2. Become aware that the real you is not your thoughts, emotions, ego, desires or aversions.
3. Remain committed to living the first two tenets even if you don’t always succeed.

Regular meditation is central to Buddhist practice, as it is a portal to your true self and higher consciousness. We can quiet the monkey mind through regular practice of “becoming the Watcher” of our thoughts and emotions. This allows timeless Buddha nature to shine forth.

Toward a Kinder, Gentler Ego

Mastery of the human mind and transcendence of the destructive ego are foundational to both Buddhism and the emergence of a Golden Age on Earth. It’s possible that the Buddhist goal of “Enlightenment” is the next level of consciousness in a continuum for humanity that could go on forever.

The human ego of recent history has been mostly fear-based. Its main objective is survival, both physically and socially. However, those who have glimpsed Enlightenment understand that who we really are is timeless – our essential essence can never die. The body may be finite, but nothing can threaten Buddha nature. The more this awareness emerges on earth, the less bound by time and space we will be. Change occurs at the DNA level, and a new type of human being is born.

The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Modern medicine has brought a dramatic increase in accounts about what awaits us on “The Other Side.” Those who “die” and are resuscitated report going to a realm characterized by an immersive, infinite field of Unconditional Love. It is outside of space and time and is the Source of All That Is. Anything is possible there, and Love is the foundational force.

NDE’ers learn that they came from this Source and will one day return to it. They receive the message that Love is the most important goal of earthly life. This information mirrors the state of Enlightenment described by awakened Buddhist practitioners. The concept of compassion is central to Buddhist teachings, and compassion could be described as “love in action” on Earth.

Our Infinite Nature

The energy and awareness of this field of transcendent Love – Buddha nature – has been increasing in our earthly realm. The human ego does not stifle consciousness as it once did; something outside of linear time is shining through. Advances in quantum physics and technology are accelerating this Awakening. As science explores the realms of the very large and the very small, eternity is found in both directions.

A Buddhist practice can help to usher in a new type of human being and a new reality on earth. The information brought back by NDE’ers is also valuable, but you don’t have to have an NDE to reap its benefits; quieting the mind and ego through meditation allows this energy – our natural state – to shine through. Hold the intention in your heart to be shown more of this transcendent Love, and see what happens.

Creating Our World

Some string theorists believe that we are living in a Multiverse of infinite possible universes. The double-slit experiment in physics shows that “reality” requires an observer to manifest it; electrons are everywhere at once until someone looks at them with an expectation. Until then there is just pure potential – but anything is possible.

When enough humans realize the primacy of Love as the foundational force of All That Is, a true quantum leap is possible. Right now, we have collectively set up life on Earth to be a zero-sum game where there are winners, losers and at times tremendous suffering. However, this is only one of infinite possible structures.

The Next Golden Age

A Golden Age on Earth might be described as a world where Love and Oneness has replaced fear and mistrust as primary states of consciousness. We are naturally cooperative and collaborative, and there is plenty for all. Creativity and innovation flourish in astonishing ways. A baseline state of joy and excitement permeates, and the structures and institutions created here naturally reflect this higher consciousness.

NDE’ers assure us that we will one day return to infinite Love and Oneness regardless, but we can also manifest more of these energies on Earth right now. It’s a decision we get to make collectively. What kind of world do you envision?