We live in a modern society that promotes busyness: working hard to be successful, adopting strict diet and workout regimes to stay fit, maintaining a work-life balance, and endless chores. As we become busier and busier, we find ourselves disconnected and in dissonance.

So, many of us seek answers to why connect with the Self and how we connect with ourselves. Often, most of us look for external sources to embrace harmony, to feel happier, and at peace. However, the ultimate key lies in listening to the inner voice and feeling in harmony from within.

For several, connection with self- means experiencing equanimity with the highest self and feeling strong, loving, and compassionate. It’s a sense of wisdom that is unique to everyone. For readers wishing to regain their lost connection and balance, here is how you can connect with yourself:

1. Meditation:


We live in a world of noise, chaos, and endless demands. An opportunity to sit in silence for a few minutes can connect us with our deeper Self. Beginning the day with meditation practices gives us a chance to notice the thoughts, to let go, and return to the center. When we consciously learn to let go of our thoughts without altering them, we are able to manifest the things we truly desire. Scientifically, meditation improves the functioning of the vagus nerve, a stress resilience nerve. People with high vagal tone tend to recover from stress with ease and it is also related to the sense of connection. Higher vagal tone implies a deeper connection with the self.

2. Focus on Breathing:

We breathe all day. But, focusing on the breath is a way to keep yourself grounded and to feel your inner self. The pranayama techniques invite practitioners to become aware of their breath. Focus on your inhalations and exhalations. Feel the rise of the chest as you fill it with air, following it to your stomach and out. Deep breathing is one of the potent ways of enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual connection and well-being.

3. Practice Yoga Postures:

Every morning perform some body movements synchronized with your breath. As we sync our body, a mental synchronization also happens. Therefore, at the end of the practice, you feel more happy, content, and balanced. By consciously connecting the body and mind through postures and breathing, you become more present-minded and focused. When you live in the present, you have more clarity and more energy. The science of yoga creates time and space to connect with the intuitive self. Lead your life with greater insight and clarity.

With the help of these activities slow down and connect with your inner wisdom. Connection with the self aids in remaining grounded, rejuvenated, and balanced.

Bipin Baloni
Bipin Baloni

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He providesYoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.