While ancient lore and mythology have long spoken to the power of a full moon, new moons inspire their own unique spiritual energy.  A new moon falls at the start of a new lunar cycle, and represents new beginnings and the potential for change. 

Performing your own new moon ritual is an excellent way to celebrate and take advantage of this unique time. A new moon ritual provides an opportunity for reflection and intention-setting, allowing you to take a step back and assess what you’d like to manifest in your life. 

While there are many variations of a new moon ritual, we suggest the following simple steps to get you started.  

Cleanse Your Space 

New Moons are a chance to make a fresh start, and that includes ridding your space of any unwanted or stale energies. Clean your apartment or house, making sure to get rid of any clutter. Afterward, use a saging kit to cleanse the atmosphere of negative energy. With your surroundings transformed into a “blank slate”, you’ll have the mental clarity you need to face the next month.  


In addition to clearing your space, you can also clear your mind by performing a soothing meditation. Feel free to incorporate a healing gemstone, especially one that represents new beginnings, transformation, or good luck. We recommend amazonite, malachite, or moonstone.  

Write in a Journal 

Once your mind is clear, take a moment to write about everything that happened in the previous 29.5 days (the length of one lunar cycle) and what you hope to accomplish in the next month. Don’t worry about style or tone, this free-writing session is for you and you alone. 

Set an Intention 

Through journaling, you likely noticed a specific theme or area of life you want to focus on.  This could include a part of your life that could use some improvement or a part of yourself you want to explore more. Create an intention around this theme, keeping in mind how you can direct energy toward manifesting your vision.  

Here are some examples of intentions. 

  • “This lunar cycle, I aim to be more present and mindful.” 
  • “This lunar cycle, I welcome new challenges.” 
  • “This lunar cycle, I manifest joy and abundance.”

Mark Your Intention

Once you’ve come up with an intention, honor it with a special ritual that feels unique to you. You can light a candle and recite the intention out loud. You can perform a visual exercise, imagining exactly what your intention might look like when put into practice. You can even write your intention down and hang it in a noticeable spot, letting it serve as a reminder of the ways you’re hoping to grow and change during this next lunar cycle.