At Buddha Groove, we are always looking for ways to help people feel a little calm and live more fully in the present. While meditation and tools like japa malas are some of the more popular solutions for cultivating mindfulness, spinning rings are another great option

What are spinning rings? 

Also called “Worry Rings”, “Turning Rings”, or “Meditation Rings”, spinning rings are made with a unique two-in-one-design that features one band fitted over another. The first band, which is slightly larger, freely spins around the second. Inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels, spinning rings are a stylish, easy-to-wear accessory that can help ease anxiety, grounds your spirit, and even encourage mindful breathing. 

How do spinning rings work? 

Similar to squeezing a stress ball or clicking a ballpoint pen, twirling a spinning ring relaxes the mind and serves as a natural outlet for nervous energy. Science has found that fidgeting and fiddling with an object is an effective coping mechanism for anxiety, and can even help lower cortisol levels and increase focus. Resting right on your hand, the spinning ring lets you easily fidget so as to relieve stress (not to mention, it’s much less noisy than that ballpoint pen!).  

How to Meditate with a Spinning Ring

Similar to japa malas or prayer wheels, spinning rings can also be used to focus attention and help ground your thoughts during meditation. To meditate with your ring, simply take a moment to sit quietly and slowly spin the ring’s outer band. With each rotation, take a deep breath in and out. If you like, you can even count or recite special mantra. With your attention focused on the ring’s movements, you’ll find your mind slowing down and settling into the present. Because the ring is always close by, you can quietly and discreetly meditate at any given moment, whether you’re sitting at your work desk, taking public transit, or waiting in the doctor’s office.  

How to Clean Your Spinning Ring

Just like any other piece of jewelry, your spinning ring will require occasional cleaning. Clean your ring by soaking it in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. While it’s soaking, gently swish the ring around and spin its band while its submersed in the water. This should help remove any grime as well as lubricate the bands for a smoother, cleaner spin. After ten minutes, rinse the ring and lay it out to air dry.