Compared to other gems, Labradorite is considered a fairly new addition to the gemstone family. Morovian missionaries encountered it in Labrador, Canada on the Isle of Paul in 1770. However, Inuit folklore from the area suggests that the stone was coveted long prior to this “discovery”. Native legend said that the stone got its beautiful shimmer from the Aurora Borealis, whose light shines down upon the coast of Canada.

A Stone To Go Deeper

Labradorite is noted for its ability to strengthen intuition. It brings awareness of that which is hidden, allowing the user to tap into various realms of consciousness and to see truths that are usually concealed by illusion. It revives long forgotten memories so that we can heal and move on. A stone of shamans and healers, some claim it is good for honing magical abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, and divination. Think you might have psychic powers? Labradorite can help with that. Labradorite is also excellent for balancing the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

A Stone of Transformation

Labradorite calms a frenzied mind while at the same time, enhances imagination and inspiration so that you can explore new ideas. It is an excellent grounding stone, and with labradorite, you’ll feel spiritually rooted. Using this gem helps establish trust in one’s self as well as trust in the universe: you may even feel a new surge of confidence! It is a stone of transformation and a good stone to have on hand when you are navigating change, especially if you tend to be fearful of transitions. Or, if you feel drained by daily routine and repetition, labradorite can help spark newness and awaken your need for adventure. Though often grey in color, labradorite shimmers with a subtle iridescence, a quality known as labradorescence. A close look at its surface reveals shades that can range from green to blue to yellow. Given its coloration-a gray laden with hidden variations- it is no surprise that labradorite is the stone to keep you grounded while also encouraging you to explore new depths!