A stone of wisdom and peace, Lapis Lazuli has long captured imaginations. It is one of the most valued stones throughout human history and was prized all throughout antiquity. If you take a liking to this sapphire gem, you’re definitely not alone. The Egyptian’s used it in burial jewelry and to decorate their tombs while early Islamic societies believed it protected against the Evil Eye. In Sumerian culture, the gem was associated with Inanna, the goddess of love, and was frequently carved into jewelry and sacred objects.

Lapis continues to mesmerize with its striking beauty and spiritual qualities. With a deep blue surface speckled with white streaks and golden pyrite, it’s visually reminiscent of the celestial realms above. Indeed, working with Lapis is not unlike carrying a little healing piece of heaven in your pocket. Read all about Lapis’ unique healing benefits and how its otherworldly energy can inspire a life of spiritual enlightenment and inner tranquility.    

Spiritual Growth 

True spiritual growth requires us to journey within, and that’s just what you’ll do with Lapis Lazuli. Lapis spurs deep introspection, connecting you to your inner truth and wisdom so you can reach a higher state of awareness. With Lapis, you’ll have access to the most hidden parts of your soul, allowing you to embrace the pure self that lies beneath the everyday persona you present to the world. Resonating with the body’s Third Eye Chakra, Lapis strengthens your intuition, so you can be guided by a true sense of purpose and unlock a greater vision for your life. The Third Eye Chakra is also our source of psychic wisdom and mystical consciousness: if you’re looking to connect to other realms or hone your inner clairvoyance, Lapis can strengthen those abilities and catapult you to an entirely new plane of spiritual development.   

Inner Peace 

Finding our truth and seeking inner growth can be overwhelming at first, but in accepting what we find, we eventually come to a place of serenity. A stone of peace, Lapis not only helps you grow spiritually, it also grants you the personal tranquility that comes with knowing who you are and what your place is in the universe. With a sense of clarity comes a deep sense of calm, and Lapis will bring you both. Its soothing vibrations relieve stress, banish negative thoughts, and dispel any pent-up bad energy so you can find inner peace. Meditate with Lapis or keep it with you throughout the day to benefit from its soothing influences.  


A stone of communication, Lapis also resonates with the Throat Chakra, the body’s center of self-expression. Lapis doesn’t just connect you to your truth, it helps you share it with others. With Lapis you are honest and forthcoming, able to clearly speak your mind without backing down or compromising. At the same time, Lapis reduces feelings of anger, helping you avoid potential conflict and keeping any and all discussions from getting too heated. Keep Lapis in the home or have it on hand to foster healthy communication in relationships and between family members. It’s also a great stone for writers, journalists, politicians, psychologists, and anyone who relies heavily on the written or spoken word in their profession.