Traditionally known as the Traveler’s Stone, Moonstone was cherished by the ancient Romans and is considered sacred in India. Eastern mythology says that the stone was formed out of solidified moonbeams. And it’s no wonder! The stone’s watery opaqueness and natural sheen bear a strong resemblance to the moon’s wondrous beauty. But more than being beautiful, Moonstone brings to mind the waxing and waning cycles of the moon. It is said that the stone changes in accordance with the moon’s phases, inspiring us to draw energy and calm from the natural rhythms of the moon, the earth, and life itself. If you’re feeling unsettled and out of balance, this stone can help you to just go with the flow and trust the natural cycles of life.

A Stone Of Dreams

Just as we might look to the night sky and dream, wearing Moonstone ignites our hopes and wishes. It reveals brief insights about the future and banishes any negative feelings we have regarding the fulfillment of our dreams. However, in using this healing crystal, it is important to remember that the stone does not necessarily grant us what we want from the universe, but rather, helps us absorb what we need.

A Stone For Balance

The energy that Moonstone emits is gentle, healing, and balancing. This stone is excellent for stabilizing emotions because it soothes feelings of intense overwhelm and levels out any highs and lows we tend to experience. It is especially helpful for easing aggression. Using Moonstone, we can learn to have more control over our feelings-rather than repressing or explosively expressing them-because it brings our attention to any hidden emotional patterns we cycle through. Thus, it is a stone of confidence and composure.

A Stone Of Feminine Power

Finally, Moonstone has a supremely feminine influence. Women who use it may find they experience enhanced feminine intuition, wisdom, and power. Men who use it may learn to be more in tune with their feminine side as it encourages gentleness, balanced emotions, and nonlinear thinking. Physiologically, Moonstone is said to help with problems related to menstruation, menopause, and fertility as it helps regulate hormones. The moon is an emblem of change, of divine femininity, of the healing that takes place when we learn to move through and work with the natural cycles of life. Moonstone, appropriately, represents all of these.