Faith is a term that has been monopolized by religious sects for centuries. So much so that many people who do not hail loyal to any one particular type of religion are scared to use the word much. However, the true definition of faith is actually quite simple and, although it can of course have religious meaning, is not limited to only religious meaning.

Faith simply means trust or confidence. By this definition faith can manifest itself in many positive ways in our lives regardless of whether or not we have a particular religion. In fact faith is crucial to the success of our endeavors whether we are aware of it or not.

Although it is easy to pinpoint instances of “dumb luck” which bring people some measure of success, there is no doubt that these are the exceptions to the rule, and not the rule itself. The rule is that success is often helped along greatly by confidence, faith. Visualizing your success is a very powerful tool that is used by many successful individuals in all types of fields; sports, business, show business, art and many others. In order to actualize something you want to accomplish you must first visualize it. When you visualize it you are using faith. You are trusting that you are going to make this happen. You are going to take the necessary steps to make this happen. You believe that you are strong enough, smart enough and motivated enough to see this through.

Faith is not a magic wand, but rather it is a way to kick start your brain, from the spirit up. You believe in your heart that you are going to make something happen, you commit in your brain to take the steps and then you work with your body to execute those steps. Each step leads you closer and closer to the actualized goal. This is faith at work in real life success.

You can begin to practice using your faith in small ways everyday. If for instance you are trying to get a new job. Exercising your faith would include spending a few moments each day before your job hunt begins to visualize to yourself what you want to accomplish. See yourself in the new job you want. See yourself taking the steps necessary to get the new job. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of getting the news that you have landed the job. Doing this will make the accomplishment real to you. Faith is believing in  something that hasn’t happened yet or something you can’t see yet. And the more you believe that it can happen and you will see the more easily you will take the steps that will lead toward the actual accomplishment.