The challenge that many people have when becoming self-aware is with the labels they use to describe themselves. This makes the task more difficult as the person creates layers of labels on themselves. Many people eventually shrug off any attempt of awareness because of the burden of all the labels they’ve created. Here we will help you understand this phenomenon and give you a meditation to use to reframe how you see yourself and remove those burdensome labels.

Defining Who You Are (Not)

Take out a clean piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Now write down five adjectives to describe yourself. Look for a mixture of attributes, not just the positive or negative ones. For example, you may jot down:

  • intelligent
  • stubborn
  • kind
  • thrifty
  • selfish

Now look at your list and think or say these affirmations, using the words on your own list:

  • “I am intelligent.”
  • “I am stubborn.”
  • “I am kind.”
  • “I am thrifty.”
  • “I am selfish.”

Now think or say:

  • “I am part of the Oneness with God-like qualities”

For most people, this is a difficult phrase to accept because they have already associated themselves with the previous labels. All of the labels take you further away from seeing your true divine essence. Reframing those adjectives lets you detach from the labels and come closer to your real self.

What You Do and Think is Not Who You Are

If you are any type of seeker, you likely have encountered the debate of “doing versus being.” This concept says that the way you behave and think is a result of your genetic inheritance and your upbringing. What is missing in this concept is the idea that you are a free-thinking entity capable of nearly every human thought and action. It’s not what we do that makes us who we are. It is the energy behind the choices we make to behave a certain way that tells us who we are. We are still the Oneness and can choose to behave however we wish.

Detaching from the Behaviors

A simple meditation will get you started with releasing those labels so you can reclaim your Oneness state.

  • Find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes.
  • Place your list in front of you with a pen or pencil.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Now look at the first item on your list, negate it and reframe it:
    • “I am not intelligent, but I am capable of intelligent actions as well as not so intelligent actions.”
    • “I am not stubborn, but I am capable of stubborn actions as well as not so stubborn actions.”
    • “I am not kind, but I am capable of kind actions as well as not so kind actions.”
    • “I am not thrifty, but I am capable of thrifty actions as well as not so thrifty actions.”
    • “I am not selfish, but I am capable of selfish actions as well as not so selfish actions.”

As you negate each statement, draw a line through it to indicate that you do not accept “being” that any longer.

End your meditation by focusing on the phrase:

“As part of the Oneness, I have the ability to behave in countless ways, but I am not defined by any of those actions. So I choose to select those behaviors that are for the Highest Good of all people and other beings.”

This affirmation of your connection with the Oneness and a detachment from human behaviors will free up your energy to continue your quest to understand who you really are.