With its metallic facade and brassy color, pyrite is a gemstone all its own. Naturally occurring in a variety of strange and unique shapes, pyrite is found all over the world. The name Pyrite comes from pyr, the Greek word for “fire” and a reference to the fact that it can be used to create sparks in order to start fires. 

With its golden sheen, Pyrite was traditionally known as Fool’s Good because it was so often mistaken for genuine gold by naïve miners. While this gem doesn’t have the same monetary value as the real stuff, it’s definitely not without its riches. This stone’s sunny vibes are just what you need to brighten your life abundance and surge of vitalizing energy. Spark a fire in your life and learn all about the healing benefits and meaning of pyrite gemstone

Luck and Abundance

Pyrite’s resemblance to gold is not entirely coincidental: this brassy gem is a veritable stone of luck and prosperity, one that opens your life up to extreme wealth and abundance. Whether you’re looking to grow in the realms of money, relationships, or personal pursuits, Pyrite invites success in all its forms. We recommend placing a Pyrite stone in your office or in any working space to increase good vibes and channel ambitious energy towards your personal projects and business endeavors. Pyrite is also a successful manifestation gem, and can be used to manifest your deepest wishes and desires. 

Strength and Willpower 

Pyrite’s fiery energy connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the body’s source of willpower, strength, and motivation. With Pyrite’s boosting vibrations, this stone is just what you need to balance this energy center and tap into your warrior spirit. Invigorating and energizing, Pyrite vitalizes your soul with determination. If you’re looking to tackle new challenges or need focus for a specific task, Pyrite’s confidence-boosting vibes help you take effective action. It invites a “can-do” attitude and breaks you free of any bad behaviors or ineffective habits thwarting your progress. Those who are going through a particularly stressful time at work or in their personal will benefit from its energizing effects: Pyrite fills you with the persistence to get the job done and see yourself through challenges. 


A veritable energizer, Pyrite isn’t just your spiritual cheerleader but a reliable security guard as well. A stone of protection, it guards your aura from negative energy and pollutants. Pyrite is also the stone you need to help you protect others, whether it’s defending those you love, being a voice for the voiceless, or standing up for a cause you believe in. It fires up your protective energies and is especially helpful for those in the caregiving or the medical fields.