The Law of Attraction is constantly operating in our daily lives whether we choose to work with it or not. At times, even when we are consciously working to co-create. we can feel like our desires do not seem to be manifesting. Here are some reasons that might help shift the thinking that it’s just not working for us:

1 – It’s ALL about the energy!!

We must be clear on what we want and then remain aware that we are not actually focusing on its absence.

Everything is made up of energy – including ourselves! We literally vibrate at a certain frequency. And so the way the Universe, who answers the call of our desires, brings them to us is by way of matching our energetic frequency.  The Universe, or we can call this answering force the Universal Potential, does not speak in words. Imagine all of the languages it would need to learn? It speaks in energy. So when you want to find love, you must vibrate in the frequency of love. When we hear people say “I want love so badly and I focus so much on it but am not finding it,” they are most likely vibrating in lack. They may know in their head what they want, but their being is actually feeling the absence of it. And that is a much different frequency. So simply focusing on what you love: your cat, your dog, your mom, your home, your job, flowers, dancing…whatever it is doesn’t matter… will have your energy vibrating in the frequency of love. And so the Universal Potential will deliver you things that you love because they are a match to your vibration. (So remember the reverse holds true too. Vibrating in the belief that only bad things ever happen to you can only bring more bad things!)

2 – Step Away From The Glue!

We must practice un-attachment.

Many times when working with the Law of Attraction we can become very focused on what we want. And that is good, we need to have a desire in order to move energy out into the Universal Potential so that it can begin working on the return. However, becoming overly attached to how that desire must look, feel, act, appear and when all of that should occur is creating a huge limit within our energetic field. Because it basically says that if something doesn’t come the way we are attached to it coming, then we don’t want it. And what if whatever we are desiring could come in an infinite number of ways, styles, people, etc.  and in ways even better than we could have imagined? Being attached to strict parameters cuts off an enormous field of possibilities. So for example, if we are looking to attract the perfect painter to take care of our home color changes, instead of feeling like they must be found by this date and have these credentials and only charge this much in order to be perfect for us, go general! When looking to manifest anything, choose 3 words that describe it as generally as possible and then un-attach from the situation. With our painter, for example, we could set the intention that the person be very creative, fair in their pricing and honest. And then let go and trust that it will be delivered in the way that serves our highest good!

3 – Ask, Expect and Believe!

We stand in our own way when we want something but do not make that desire known.

Think of the Universal Potential like a parent. When we were kids and we wanted something we didn’t wait around for our parents to read our minds or pick up on our cues. Which they probably would eventually do, but we SPOKE UP! So let the U.P. know what you want! Talk about it, write about it, act AS IF you already have it. Practice the vibration of knowing something is coming. Even if it’s for a brief moment before your skeptical thought generator takes over (#TheMind). Allow yourself to dream! Be clear on what you want. The clearer you are the more you will be able to direct your energy towards what you want. And remember, just because something hasn’t manifested yet does not mean that it won’t! Our timeline most often does not match that of the benevolent U.P. So when something does manifest for you, be sure that your energy flows fully through gratitude for it. And watch your vibration soar! That is when the Law of Attraction will be always at your fingertips.

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Heather O'Neill

Heather is a personal life coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She helps clients throw out their head trash. Heather, an empath and intuitive, works on clearing energetic blocks to reclaim personal power through choosing our thoughts rather than our thoughts choosing us. As a certified Law of Attraction coach, Heather has a keen understanding of how to work with the universal laws in order to create lives that unfold as we truly want them to.