In a world where all is energy, our crystals and stones hold a special place. They absorb energy to help us clear ourselves of chaotic and uncomfortable energy. They also send energy to us to help us transform our energy into something more useful. For when you need that little boost, here are some of the most important stones and crystals that you should carry with you.

Using These Stones

You can carry these stones in your pocket or wear them as a pendant or ring. Just being in contact with the stones will provide you some benefit. A more powerful way to make use of the stones is to meditate with them. This allows you to connect with them undistributed and get the most benefit from them.


This crystal starts out as another type of quartz, such as amethyst or smokey quartz. It is heated in the earth and develops the characteristic yellow color. This crystal generates high vibration, happy energy. It is good for turning around a foul mood. It can also be used to get over some creative block, if you’re a writer or artist. Some people find it helpful when intending for more abundance in their life.

If you find yourself in a funk some day, do the following meditation with your citrine.

  1. Find a quiet place in which to do your meditation.
  2. Place the citrine in your left hand and hold it to your chest against your heart.
  3. Focus on the following thoughts:
    • “I am not sure where all of this sad energy came from. I am now ready to release it into my citrine. I am also ready to have my vibration level raised to that of this joyous crystal which is now working with me.”


This black stone will ground you when you feel like your head is in the clouds. The wispy white patterns in snowflake obsidian help you shift your energy away from bad habits. In general, obsidian is the stone to use when faced with a new change which is uncomfortable.

If you’re feeling anxious about starting a new job, try this meditation with your obsidian.

  1. Sit in your favorite spot to meditate.
  2. Hold the obsidian in the palm of one hand and cover it with the other hand.
  3. Place both hands in your lap.
  4. Focus on the following thoughts:
    • “I embrace this new job with both hands and release any anxiety to the grounding power of my obsidian. I will be grounded on my first day at work so I can exhibit the best of my skills to my new employer.”

Lapis Lazuli

This blue stone is known for its ability to untangle confused energy. It helps you work through emotional blocks and remove any fog to clear thinking. Use it when faced with a mystery for which you have exhausted all possible thoughts.

If you find yourself confused by the way a friend has treated you or by something they said, sit with your lapis lazuli to gain some insight.

  1. Sit quietly with the stone in your left hand.
  2. Hold your hand and stone up to your forehead and your Third Eye.
  3. Focus on the following thoughts:
    • “I am confused by how my friend treated me and/or what they said. My emotions won’t let me see the clarity of the meaning behind this behavior. I ask my lapis to burn through the fog that is keeping me from seeing the truth.”

Bonus Stones

While you likely don’t want to carry a sack of rocks and crystals with you throughout the day, there are two crystals worth having with you because of their ability to enhance the power of all other stones and crystals.

  • Clear Quartz: This crystal acts as an amplifier for the effects of all other stones and crystals. Carry a piece with you to enhance your vibration level. Hold it in your hand with the other stones to boost their power.
  • Amethyst: This purple crystal has traditionally been used to enhance spiritual powers, raise your vibration level and provide protection from negative energy. When worn as a pendant over the heart, it helps to keep you heart-centered so you view others around you with unconditional love.