Buddha Groove’s Guru Series brings insight from experts across the fields of mindfulness, natural wellness, yoga, and meditation. Below we have wisdom from qualified Healer and Angel Medium, Regina Chouza.

One of the things I love about Energy Healing is how anyone can learn to be Healer and then use that knowledge to heal themselves by moving energy through their body and Aura. While it can be incredibly beneficial to visit a professional Healer, with a bit of training and an open mind, healing ourselves is not only realistic, but also comfortable, convenient and often quite enjoyable!

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing refers to the ability to channel harmonizing energy from Mother Earth and from the Universe, letting it flow to whatever part of the body or Aura that needs healing. Professional Healers activate their palm chakras so that the energy channeled can be focused on a specific area. In the case of energy healing meditations, we instead use our mind’s eye to tell the energy where it should go.

The process used to channel healing energy is the same. When I began studying at the School of Intuition & Healing in London, we were taught to connect with Earth and Sky by visualizing grounding roots beneath ourselves, followed by a stream of light that flows down from the purest source of light in the Universe. Both of these energies meet in the Heart Chakra and spill down our arms to our hands. After a few repetitions, the visualizations were accompanied by physical sensations that signaled the energy flowing through our bodies. And even more surprising – the person receiving the energy could feel it too! This is because the intent to channel healing produces the action visualized. Energy follows thought.

How Does Energy Healing Help Us?

Healing can happen on many levels, though it is important to state that this type of energy healing is always complementary to medical care, not alternative. The first and most common benefits are stress relief and personal empowerment, as we use healing meditations to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold back our development from spiritual, emotional and practical points of view. In this way, healing goes beyond the physical to reach almost every aspect of our lives. For example, we can use healing to explore relationships, power dynamics or communication skills by taking a close look at ourselves. The looking glass is one of compassion; cutting ourselves some slack as we create this healing space.

Below you will find a guided meditation that has been designed to facilitate the self-healing process. Its three components are based on energy healing sessions:  

  1. Ground yourself before attuning to universal or divine light.
  2. Creative visualizations as means to heal yourself.
  3. Grounding, clearing and shielding your energy.

Please be sure to follow the entire meditation and end by shielding your Aura. On a side note, guided meditations are fantastic but I believe that your energy body and subconscious respond best to your voice. Please record it and play it back!

A Simple Energy Healing Meditation:

Ground Yourself by visualizing tree roots going out of the bottoms of your feet into the ground. Let the Earth’s warm energy travel up those roots to your Heart.

Picture a star millions of miles above. See and feel as a ray of starlight travels down through the atmosphere to your body. It enters through the top of your head and continues to flow down until it fills your grounding roots with light.

Become a Channel for Love. We bring our attention to the physical heart and see it filled with starlight, as well as the Earth’s healing energy. These sources of light intermingle, creating sparks of energy and love that emanate from your physical heart to your entire body. Picture yourself filled with joy and peace.

– Scan Your Body. We begin by visualizing our physical body filled with soft white or pink light before asking our intuition and our creative imagination to bring our insides to life with swirls of color, texture and emotion. The healing takes place when we observe our impressions and get a sense of how they make us feel. Let your intuition interpret the visuals and sensations. We can take a few moments to journal, draw or record these images. Focus on one picture at a time, especially any colors, mental images or impressions that seem out of place. In some cases an image might elicit tears, give yourself time to feel those emotions.

– Gold Light. Our intuition speaks through the creative mind, or imagination. The images, sights, sounds and feelings that arise help us decipher the message. Once we have gotten the message, we thank our intuition for communicating with us by filling the symbol with gold light. Picture your Heart Chakra full of gold liquid energy and let it flow from your Heart to the symbol. The symbol might dissolve or it might change shape. This step allows us to heal and release emotions, pain or regrets held in the body while thanking our intuition for the healing message.  

– Clear Yourself by visualizing a shower of light running through your body and energy field. Any superfluous thoughts, feelings and sensations are released to that shower of light. See and feel it go down your legs, deep into the ground.

Shield Yourself by bringing your Aura in around you, an arms lengths above, below and around. Fill it with indigo light to switch off your intuitive sensors. End the session by visualizing tree roots; they anchor you to Mother Earth.

During healing sessions with clients, I always begin by grounding myself before connecting to the stars or the highest source of light. The energy flows through my Heart and palm Chakras to the client’s energy field, and my intuition brings the visuals to life with color, sound, feelings, scents and physical sensations – much like the ones that your intuition will create with this healing meditation.

Let Your Intuition Guide You!

Energy Healing meditations can be as varied as anyone’s imagination. Based on the techniques taught at the School of Intuition & Healing in London, always begin by grounding yourself and end by clearing and shielding your energy. The space in between can be focused on the physical body, the Aura, the Chakras or even memories from the past, if we send a beam of light through the Heart.

Regina Chouza
Regina Chouza

Regina Chouza is a qualified Healer, Angel Medium, author of Chakra Healing & Magick and blogger at Diary of a Psychic Healer. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, Regina is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals