You’ve put the intention out to manifest money for a trip to enhance your skills and resume. You’ve done the work to put yourself into a high vibration while you do your intention process. Soon after, you start to have mixed feelings about it and maybe even feel a little sad as you think about not being able to go on the trip. Keeping yourself in a good space after setting the intention is as important as during the intention. Here are some ways to keep your vibration high as you wait for your intention to manifest.

Quelling the Negative Thoughts

When you find yourself reciting the “don’t wants” over and over, you’re working against your intentions. Statements such as:

  • “I don’t want to miss this educational workshop.”
  • “I can’t seem to have enough money to do these spontaneous trips.”
  • “I don’t want my company to stop offering me these workshops because I can’t afford to go.”

This only puts emphasis on what you don’t have, which sends the message to the Universe that you must want more of that since you are so focused on it. Change your focus by responding to the “don’ts” with the question “So, what do I want?”:

  • “I want to go to this educational workshop.”
  • “I always have enough money to take trips that enhance my skills.”
  • “My company frequently sends me information about helpful workshops.”

This changes your energy from the lower vibration “I don’t” to the higher vibration “I have”.

Words That Jolt Your System

If you read the statement above “I always have enough money to take trips…” and you heard a little voice inside say “Yeah, right!”, you’re experiencing an ecology problem. This is when your system responds negatively to a positive thought that you’re putting out. This often happens when people use affirmations to raise their vibration level. For instance, do a gut check as to how you respond to the following statements:

  • “I always have enough money to pay bills with enough left over to put in savings.”
  • “I currently have my ideal job.”
  • “I found my True Love.”

For some people, these absolute positives are too much to handle all at once. You’re attempting to raise your vibration level, but these statements make your system push back into negative energy territory. When you encounter such a response to a positive statement, turn it into something your system can agree with. Use the phrase “in the process of” and see the difference:

  • “I am in the process of having enough money…”
  • “I am in the process of creating/finding my ideal job.”
  • “I am in the process of connecting with my True Love.”

Your system is more likely to agree with these statements because it really IS in the process of doing your intention. You keep a high vibration and prevent that little voice inside from sabotaging your intention.

Be An Active Participant in Your Intention

People use visualization successfully in their intention processes. The concept is that seeing yourself with the intention manifested heightens your vibration level. This is true, but it can become less helpful if you only have static images of yourself receiving the intention. Stretch yourself and make little movies in your head about how the intention interacts with you. For example, in the training trip example:

  • See yourself in the workshop having epiphanies about how the training will help you tackle future projects.
  • See yourself accepting a promotion because of the successful projects you’ve tackled with your new skills.
  • See yourself giving an in-service to people in your company on the new skills you’ve learned and put to successful use.

Have fun creating exciting scenarios where you are experiencing the benefit of your manifested intention.