Excavated from Egyptian tombs and gracing the walls of the Taj Mahal, turquoise is one of the oldest stones in human history. Used for everything from jewelry to sacred objects, its natural shades of teal, blue, and green are soothing to the eye yet pop with undeniable vibrancy. But more than being pretty, this stone’s unique energy makes it a gemstone must-have for any crystal collection. Read on to learn the history and spiritual properties of Turquoise.   

Lore and History of Turquoise

The word Turquoise comes from the French pierre turquoise, which translates to “Turkish stone” and refers to the Turkish traders who introduced the gem to Europe via the Silk Road in the 13th Century. While trade has boosted the gem’s popularity through the centuries, Turquoise mines have existed all over the world, with natural deposits occurring in China, Iran, the Southwestern United States, and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. As a result, many different cultures have long recognized Turquoise as a powerful gem. The Aztecs used it in ceremonies and burial rites while the Navajo tribe believed it could summon rainfall. Meanwhile, ancient Persians associated Turquoise with heaven and used it decorate mosques. 

Turquoise for Protection 

Turquoise is first and foremost known as a stone of protection, a quality that dates all the way back to ancient times. Turkish soldiers wore it in amulets and fixed it to their horses’ bridles to guard themselves against falls. You might not be riding off into battle, but to this day, Turquoise is still a choice talisman and good luck charm. Like your own personal security guard, it shields against negative energy, pollutants, personal injury, and accidents. We recommend wearing it as jewelry or keeping it your home to keep your spirit and space free of negative influences.  

Turquoise for Peace

Reminiscent of peaceful blue skies and soothing waters, Turquoise brings to mind all those elements of nature that make us feel grounded, whole, and deeply relaxed. It’s no surprise then that Turquoise is a prime stone to cultivate inner peace. Those with frazzled nerves will find a bit of relief in this blue gem: its life-affirming energy balances emotions and fills your soul with deep sense of serenity. To enhance its tranquilizing effects, you can incorporate Turquoise into your meditation routine, where its soothing vibrations can ease worries and quiet the mind for a truly restorative experience. Attuned to the Throat Chakra, you can also use Turquoise if you’re feeling worried about an important conversation or an upcoming speaking engagement: it calms anxieties and inspires wisdom so you can express your truth with calm and clarity. 

Turquoise for Healing

If you’re feeling wiped, stressed, or just emotionally spent, turquoise’s healing properties may be the pick-me-up you need. Turquoise’s uplifting energy enhances your strength and restores vitality for an overall sense of wellbeing. Its revitalizing qualities are especially beneficial to anyone struggling with low moods or exhaustion. Turquoise also cleanses the energy body and aligns all seven chakras, leaving you feeling whole and balanced. Those recovering from illness or a stressful time may experience a personal boost from wearing Turquoise. Whether you’re drawn to this stone for its color or its calming energy, you’ll find yourself in the company of ancient kings and brave soldiers!