Considered a healing resource by many, gemstones can help you live your best life by protecting you from unwanted influences. They become a lifelong tool that allows you to direct and deflect any energy that might cause you harm or misdirection. At the same time, they enhance the energies that can help lead you down a more positive path.

How Do Gemstones “Protect” Me?

Naturally made stones each vibrate at a frequency that can be used to attune the body, the chakras, and your aura so you can have a safer and more productive life. Protection comes in many forms: we can protect ourselves from attack, from misfortune, from others, or even from ourselves. All of these are related to vibrational energies that are affected by gemstones. Knowing which stones affect what kinds of energy gives you a powerful way to keep your life from becoming derailed by unwanted energy.

Selecting Healing Crystals for Protection

The nice thing about using gemstones for protection is that different stones can be combined for an accumulative effect. Or you can concentrate on the use of a single stone to amplify the effect in one area of your life. Here are some of the areas where you may want protection and the stones that can help guide you.

All types of general negative energies: black tourmaline, amber, lapis, sunstone Personal Injury: turquoise, fluorite, smoky quartz Extreme emotional energy of others: jet, amethyst Psychic attacks, stalkers and gossip about you: labradorite, fluorite Bad luck or misfortune: black obsidian, citrine, carnelian Fears and nightmares: rose quartz, carnelian Accidents when driving or using public transportation: amethyst, malachite, yellow jasper Misguided thinking, poor decisions, or obsessive/compulsive behaviors: sodalite

The Magic Seven

Choosing the right gemstones to use for protection can be daunting because of the number of powerful materials available. To gain general protection in most areas of your life as well as an overall sense of wellbeing, you can rely on the “Magic Seven” gemstones to help you. This list includes:

Healing crystals

Carry a small sample of these with you in a tiny bag throughout your day.

Using Gemstones for Protection

There are several ways to use stones to benefit and protection:

– Make a small bag in which to carry the stones with you

– Find or make jewelry that you can wear that contains the stones

– Place the stones in a dish on your desk or by your bed

– Put the stones under your pillow as you sleep

– Pack the stones in a suitcase, briefcase, lunchbox or backpack

– Place the stones in the glovebox or in a cup holder of your car

Try different approaches until you find ones that “feel” right to you. Be aware of this sensation because it says that the stones are working with your energy and aura to keep you protected from whatever concerns you and causes you stress. Do you have a preferred gemstone for protection? Let us know!


Gemstones are meant for spiritual inspiration only. We do not support the use of gemstones as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnoses. For any and all health concerns, please consult a licensed health care specialist.