Figuring out the best time of day to begin a regular yoga practice is a challenge. With a busy schedule, trying to carve an extra 30 to 60 minutes out of your day may seem like an impossible task. Early in the morning is often the best time for yoga. If you make the effort to begin a morning yoga routine, you will find that you have more time throughout your day due to your newly increased energy, focus and peace of mind.

It’s tough to roll out of bed in the morning and onto your yoga mat, but give it a try. Though many of us feel stiff and inflexible first thing in the AM, a few minutes of yoga will loosen you up. Start slowly and work into some sun salutations or standing asanas. It’s important to do a couple of restorative poses at the end of your sequence, but don’t spend too long in savasana! After a morning yoga routine, you body will feel energized and ready for the day.

A morning yoga class or routine will also wake up your mind. After asana practice, the mind is alert and focused. You are likely to find that you work more efficiently and are less likely to get frustrated with obstacles that arise as part of daily life. Even if your yoga mind doesn’t last the entire day, starting the day with a good attitude is worth the effort it takes to do morning yoga.

In addition to an energized body and focused mind, yoga in the morning will make you feel better about yourself. The early morning is a quiet time. Practicing yoga then, before the distractions of the day begin, makes it easier to stay within your body and mind. You will feel nurtured spiritually, more in touch with yourself, your emotions and your physical being.