This tool is named for its ability to recharge other crystals or to deliver a mixture of crystal energies to a person or situation. As an individual crystal, it can boost the power of another crystal, cleanse a crystal of negative energies or remove any blocks in a crystal preventing it from being effective. When the generator is a collection of crystals, it can be used to heal a number of conditions at once, such as balancing a person’s chakra system.

Why Use Crystal Generators?

When you repeatedly use a favorite crystal tool, such as an amethyst wand, it can collect negative energy which reduces its effectiveness. You may also notice a decrease in its power. A single generator crystal will refurbish it so it works like new. If you are working with several issues in a person, a crystal generator will let you send energy to several places at once, balancing the energy between the areas so they work in harmony once again.

How to Use Crystal Generators

If you are interested in recharging a crystal wand, obtain a generator attuned specifically to that crystal. The generator could be a similar crystal, cut to allow it to produce and release energy to your crystal. Or it could be a different material, such as a clear quartz generator, which removes negative energy and energy blocks from your wand. The crystal to be recharged is placed in or on top of the generator crystal, or alongside of it in a small container.
A collective crystal generator will have multiple crystals arranged with their bases around a circle and their points outward. The energy of this generator moves outward from the circle, through the apex of the crystals to multiple targets. A crystal generator with seven distinct crystals can be used to clear and balance all of the chakras at once in a person. Other uses of a crystal generator include:
  • Enhancing a group meditation.
  • Breaking up and clearing the negative energies in a room.
  • Balancing conflicting energies within a room full of people.