Wands have been used for centuries by spiritual healers. The shape of a wand amplifies energy and directs it with laser-precision to a target. Wands are cylindrical and can be faceted so that one or both ends are pointed. They can be smooth with smooth ends or they can be a combination of smooth on one end with the other end faceted so it comes to a point. When acquiring your first wand, consider one that is smooth on one end and pointed on the other so you can experience how the different surfaces work.

Why Use Crystal Wands?

When you need a concentrated burst of energy directed to an object or intention, a crystal wand is your tool of choice. The energy will be intense, so you’ll use the wand for only a short amount of time. The shape of the wand ensures that all of the energy released from it makes its way directly to the target.

How to Use Crystal Wands

As with any tool, you’ll first choose the material appropriate for your healing work. For example:

  • Agate has a powerful healing affect on infections and skin disorders.
  • Green calcite detoxifies the body and heals liver and gall bladder issues.
  • Violet fluorite destroys tumors and helps with emotional stability.

Next, choose the wand shape best suited to your work:

Pointed ends direct an intense amount of energy to the target. Rounded ends also direct energy to a target, but in a gentle wave that is more appropriate when the target is a person who is very sensitive to energy.

As you concentrate on the energy being released by the wand, you can point it at a part of someone’s body or touch it lightly to the skin. You can also point it at a photograph or document when doing distance healing work or intentions. Some applications include:

  • Reduce pain caused by liver disease by pointing a green calcite wand at a person’s upper abdomen.
  • Partially clear up acne by touching an amethyst wand gently to affected areas on the face.
  • Rub the rounded end of a violet fluorite wand over a skin mole to reduce the size of the tumor.