The word “spirituality” is hard to define exactly, and for good reason. It is a highly individual way of experiencing life, and no one path or method will resonate with everyone the same way.

So we asked one simple question: “What does spirituality mean to you?” Here are some of the fascinating answers you shared on Facebook.

Universal Spirituality

  • “We are spirits with a body not the other way around. Being spiritual to me means being connected with all of creation not just the earth.”
  • “Being aware of and at peace with one’s true inner self and being open-minded to possibilities. I also think being spiritual means having a broader view of… well, everything.”
  • “To be completely at peace with yourself, on all levels. To truly take in everything at every moment it happens. To truly live in the moment.”
  • “Being what we were born as. In today’s’ world that would be unlearning and getting unattached with anything and everything and just love everything the way it is just like a child. In other words, being a newborn.”
  • “Being in touch with the absolute, relative and the physical and living in realization of the inter-connectivity of all things. Living a life of repentance, readjustment, forgiveness and appreciation.”

Spirituality and Religion

  • “Seeking balance and the peaceful path, looking inward when making decisions or interacting with others, and making an effort to see all sides of an issue without prejudice, seeing through the eyes of God/Goddess.”
  • “Being present to God and all his people. Forgiving, compassionate and full of divine wisdom and grace!”
  • “Being in tuned with your Buddha nature. (Mindfulness)”
  • “Being mindful, praying to the creator, being thankful.”
  • “Spirituality means something different to everyone. For some, it’s about participating in organized religion: going to church, synagogue, a mosque, etc. For others, it’s more personal: Some people get in touch with their spiritual side through private prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection, or even long walks.”

Spirituality Through Compassion

  • “Spirituality is the love of all things, openness and kindness.”
  • “Recognizing we are all spirits and we all have the same basic rights to live…. to look beyond ego and love each other that is spirituality to me.”
  • “Love Oneness Veracity Essence”
  • “To be expansive,compassionate to all sentient beings and receptive to the influence of nature.”
  • “Honoring the soul and the souls of othersLooking beyond the outer shell and into the true beauty within a person.”

Uniquely Spiritual

  • “Religion is institutionalized spirituality, and institutions suck at everything they try to do. I’m ‘spiritual’ because I’m a light unto myself.”
  • And of course, to round out the conversation… “Making ghost noises.”

The thoughts above (along with hundreds of others which cannot fit in this article!) show how different and yet how similar many of our ideas on spirituality really are. Whether spirituality for you is a matter of balance and inner peace, or a rich and structured tradition, considering other viewpoints can help us see what we have in common with others while adding dimension to our own unique viewpoint.