Chanting has a larger effect on your body than just the spiritual focus that it offers. It sets up a vibrational quality in your mind and body that quickly brings you to a state of calm and relaxation. When mastered through practice, one can chant silently and get the same results. This allows you to be at work or on a crowded bus and do your relaxation mantra. Here is why chanting feels so good and how to develop your own techniques for reducing anxiety and gaining focus.

We Are All Vibrations

Scientists agree that we are all composed of energy which is vibrating all of the time. Each atom in your body contains moving particles. The reason you don’t see people and objects vibrating is that the movements are smaller than you can perceive.

Vibrations are measured in frequencies. People and objects vibrate at different frequencies. It’s even in our language. You may have heard someone characterized as being on a higher frequency than others. This usually means they are lively, full of energy and often very positive. The reverse can also be said of people who are low vibration. They tend to be lethargic, full of woes and have a negative outlook on life.

To maximize your good health, you can use chanting to focus on the frequency to which your body is most attuned. Once you’ve discovered that frequency, you can shift your own energy any time to be at that healthy vibrational level.

You Can Sense the Perfect Vibration for You

When a person chants, their right brain receives sensations from the body which triggers an intense feeling of oneness between the self and the Universe, or all that is. When your mind and awareness are at the same frequency as that which is most healthy for you, you’ll feel relaxed, uplifted and free from fear and worry. Finding the perfect frequency is a matter of practice and tuning into your body’s sensations.

Initially, you’ll say the chant out loud, but as you practice, you’ll be able to silently chant anywhere you wish.

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit and practice.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  3. Choose a mantra that you favor or you can just repeat the yogic “Om.”
  4. Take a deep breath and begin chanting using your normal tone and speed of voice.
  5. After chanting for a few seconds, notice the feeling you get from a spot near your heart or one of the other chakras. Until you’ve mastered the perfect chant for you, the feeling will likely be a little uncomfortable, as if something is not quite right.
  6. Now adjust the pitch and speed of your voice slightly. Try a slower speed and lower pitch first. Chant for a few seconds and check in on that spot again.
  7. Compare that feeling with the one before. If it feels better, adjust the pitch and speed of your voice slightly down and try it again. If it feels more uncomfortable, then increase the pitch and speed slightly and repeat.
  8. Continue this process until you get a sense from that spot in you that feels as if the chant, speed and tone are perfectly aligned with your body’s vibration. This is that perfect frequency to which your body responds.

Once you’ve discovered the perfect frequency with which to chant for your own health, practice visualizing yourself doing the chant without actually making the sounds. With mastery, you’ll now be able to do your chanting anywhere at anytime to boost your own vibrational level and achieve a state of calm and focus.