Manifesting your intentions requires being in that high vibration state of receiving. If you’re not there, you’ll never connect with your intentions. Gratitude is an important tool for shifting your energy into that high vibration state. Here is why gratitude is important for manifesting intentions and some exercises to incorporate into your regular intention process.

The Energy of Gratitude is High Vibration

You can’t feel grateful for something without having your vibration level raised. Even the smallest of gratitude statements elevates your vibration level. This is why you start out being grateful for small experiences. You’ll create a positive high vibration foundation on which you’ll build as you integrate your gratitude exercises with your intention process.

A Warm-Up Gratitude Exercise

This is a good way to get yourself accustomed to working with gratitude statements. When you’ve become familiar with the effects of this on your vibration level, you can move to more specific gratitude exercises.

  1. Find a quiet place in which to meditate for a few minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you relax.
  3. Visualize a meter with a scale from 0 to 100 on it.
  4. Position the pointer on the meter where you think your vibration level currently is.
  5. Now focus on the random thoughts that come into your mind and create a gratitude statement for that thought. For example:
    • I am so grateful for my breath.
    • I am so grateful for my cat.
    • I am so grateful for my new shoes.
  6. After a few moments of this, check your vibration meter to see where the pointer has moved to.

This is a good general meditation exercise to get yourself into the high vibration of gratitude. When you’re ready to integrate this with your intention work, try the next exercise.

Targeted Gratitude Statements That Match Your Intentions

This exercise focuses on gratitude energy that gets you into that vibrational state where you can receive your manifested intentions. For this example, we will use the intention to be able to attend an upcoming workshop related to skills you use in your job. Do this gratitude exercise before you do your chosen intention process.

  1. Find a quiet place in which to meditate for a few minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you relax.
  3. Visualize your vibration meter or whatever tool works best for you to sense your vibration level.
  4. Now focus on gratitude statements that are related to the intention your wish to put out. Examples of these statements include:
    • I am so grateful to have resources available to me to enhance my skills to do my work.
    • I am so grateful to be able to attend this workshop and learn the skills I need to be successful on my next project.
    • I am so grateful that I can learn helpful skills that I can pass onto others.
    • I am so grateful that our modern technology allows me to travel far away to learn new skills and techniques.
  5. Check on your vibration level as you repeat these gratitude statements to yourself.
  6. Continue until you get a sense of completion which typically manifests as a feeling of faith and confidence that you will receive your intentions.

When you incorporate gratitude with your intention process, you create the high vibration state you need to be in to receive the manifestation of your intentions.