If you’ve ever entered an empty room and immediately felt uncomfortable, you’ve experienced the effect of leftover energy. People leave energy signatures wherever they go. They are often unnoticed, but if there was drama or heightened emotions in the room, the energy left in the room by the people can be felt. Here is how energy affects the spaces in which people meet, work and sleep and what you can do to clear the room to be more comfortable.

Confined Energy Signatures

Sometimes you’ll walk into a room and instantly feel at peace. Just being in the baby’s nursery in your home or a meditation room in a spiritual center can uplift your spirits. Conversely, being in a meeting room after people have had a shouting match can leave you feel jumbled.

The energy expressed by people in physical spaces becomes trapped, whether it’s positive or negative energy. The energy will dissipate over time, but if the same type of energy continues to fuel a space, it will develop an anchor to that space. Months after a series of heated discussions have occurred in a room, the harshness of the energy can still be felt.

Clearing Out Stale Energy in a Space

When you introduce energy contrary to the trapped energy, it merges with the energy and is neutralized. Add positive energy to a room full of negative energy and you’ll create a calmer space. You may have already experienced this when in a room full of people that have become tense. Someone breaks the ice with a lighthearted comment causing people to laugh and the tension goes away.

Note that we are talking about the energy left behind when people have left a room. There are also entities that inhabit a physical structure which produce a feeling of energy in a room. People who specialize in house clearings are adept at removing these entities. This takes training and practice. But you can change the energy signature in a room without any special training.

Techniques to Change the Energy in a Space

You most likely wish to neutralize the negative energy in a space. These techniques focus on this goal.

Saging the room – Burn a piece of white sage and carry it throughout the room. Let the smoke get into all of the corners and up to the ceiling. While carrying the sage, repeat the phrase “May the negative energies in this room mingle with this sacred smoke and be carried away and out of this room.”

Lighting a candle – A candle flame transforms energy into a neutral form of energy in a room. Set the candle in the middle of the room for a few minutes before using the space to clear out any old energy that may remain.

Play music – Music changes the vibrational quality of the energy in a room. Put on some meditation music to calm any negative energy in the room. To brighten up a room that feels stale, play some children’s music. The happy, energetic quality of the music will add fun, high vibration energy to a room.

Heart-centered breathing – You may not be able to sage, light a candle or play children’s music in a meeting room at work, but you can still transform the energy there. Once you enter the room, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply. Visualize your heart and imagine the breath flowing in and out of it. Now place a mental picture of something or someone that makes you smile in the center of your heart and allow the breath to move through the picture into the room. The more powerful the positive emotion you have when thinking about the picture, the faster the room will take on the positive energy you are sending out into the room.

As with most spiritual skills, the more you practice transforming the energy in spaces, the more intuitive it will become. Try boosting the positive energy in rooms that already feel good and see how uplifted the people become in the room.