To be grounded means you feel steady and centered, both in mind and body. You are like a tree: stable and strong in your foundations. You might get a little shaken up every now and then, but you regain your footing and eventually balance yourself out. While you might not always be sure how grounded you are, you can definitely sense when you’re not. When we’re ungrounded, we become anxious, restless, and unfocused. With its emphasis on mindful breathing and balance, yoga is a great activity to ground yourself when you’re feeling scattered. Check out these steadying Yoga poses that bring you back to your center and connect you to your core.

Mountain Pose

This simple asana gives you a moment to feel the earth beneath your feet and maintain a calming, solid stance. Stand with your feet together, your back straight, and your arms out as your side. Drop the shoulders and look ahead. Take a few minutes to be here and breath.      

Tree Pose

Doing a pose that tests your balance might seem counter-intuitive, but that’s exactly why you need it! With Tree Pose, your mind eases into a steady focus as your body works to stabilize itself. When doing this pose, be sure to place your foot either above or below your knee, never on it. To help maintain balance, find a stationary object and lock eyes on it.  

Warrior II

With your arms wide and your feet planted on the ground, Warrior II is a reminder of your strength and determination. Standing in this asana, you’ll feel centered in your body and firmly rooted in place. Focus your gaze and keep your chest open.    

Corpse Pose

What could be more grounding than being on the actual ground? With Corpse Pose, feel yourself sink into the earth and revel in the stability that comes from being totally still. Simply lie on your back, eyes closed, feet slightly apart, with your arms at your side. If you need help quieting the mind, do a mental body scan that starts from the crown of your head and extends to your feet.