Connecting with your spirit is like finding the best part of yourself. The spirit leads and guides every aspect of life when it’s allowed it to. Your spiritual essence provides the energy source to live in the light. Just as the body speaks to you letting you know its physical condition, your spirit, which is your unconscious consciousness, leads you in clear direction.

Tuning In

You must be in tuned and aware of your spiritual essence as it can take you emotionally to a place of function in dysfunctional environments. The ability to cope in chaotic situations cannot primarily depend on external remedies such as mind altering drugs or alcohol. By drawing strength from within, you can access the light through spiritual intervention harnessing a lasting coping mechanism.

Connecting Spiritually

Your spiritual essence is the peace that resides in your mental space. Finding your spiritual essence means taking authority over your life. No one has the right to control or manipulate you. It means making a conscious decision to walk in the light, away from the darkness of confusion, low self-esteem, indecision, heartbreak, and disappointment.

Sometimes the responsibilities of life crowd out who you really are. But finding how to connect the spirit and received the gifts it has to offer, will help you regulate every area of your life. The spirit is the breath of life. It breathes in hope, harmony, love, peace, and joy. It isn’t illusive because it lives in you. However, it requires your personal time, meditation, and open mind to gain access.

Spiritual Development

Your spiritual essence is developed through fellowship with other spiritual giants, philosophical books, music, and elements that feed the soul with opportunities to live in the light. The light leads you, so that life’s dark moments only last a season.

Position your spirit to expect the unexpected. Don’t allow forces outside of you to have authority over your life. Retain the mental capacity to reject negativity and unfamiliar forces. You can achieve this by audibly speaking and commanding these unwanted feelings and emotions to flee.

You can effectively tap into the power of your spiritual essence to heighten your awareness of the gifts life has to offer. Appreciate yourself, love deeply who you are. Accept that your imperfections are the perfect and complete you. You are blessed to be a blessing to others. When your essence has blossomed, it will shine through and others will be influenced, affected, and increased by it. Share the light!